How cast iron radiators can enhance your interior design*

Cast iron radiator
A home with a cast iron radiator always gives a warm and welcoming feeling to anyone visiting, which is why cast iron radiators have always been a favourite of homeowners when it comes to heating their homes. With a cast iron radiator, there are a broad range of colours, sizes, types, and styles to adorn your home with that are considered a style statement for any house.

The benefits of a cast iron radiator

In winter, when you feel lethargic and dull because of low temperatures, there is no better feeling that entering the warm and cosy atmosphere of your home. Not only that, but cast iron radiators come in various designs, finishes, and colours too, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find one that will perfectly suit your home decor.

One of the major benefits of cast iron radiators is that they are among the most energy efficient sources of heat that you can have in your home and are a perfect inclusion to both traditional and modern homes. Moreover, interior designers, builders, and homeowners today often look to have cast iron radiators installed in the homes due to their stylish appearance and robust functionality.

Along with providing you with long-lasting heat for your home, cast iron radiators also enhance your home decor, which is an additional benefit. With a vast range of cast iron radiators to choose from nowadays, it has become easier for you to install the right size and shape of the radiator in your home. With placement in mind, it may be more beneficial if you install the radiator in an area of your home that is the coldest. Additionally, due to the improved energy efficiency of your home’s heating, your should expect a reduction in electricity bills too! If your bills don’t go down, then it might be your provider at fault, and it’s probably time that you used someone else. Why not check out these Cirro Energy reviews to give you a better idea of how a different provider could help you?

Different options of materials, designs, and styles

Radiators are available in a variety of materials such cast iron, steel, and aluminium, where steel is generally the cheapest type when compared to other radiators. While steel is a cost-effective option, it is not the most durable or popular choice among homeowners unless you buy it from a reputable place like aluminium warehouse.

Instead, you may think to choose to invest in an aluminium material, which can be molded into sleek vertical panels or sculpted features. If you’re tempted to invest in some vertical radiators take a look at the linked guide for a summary of some of the best options out there. Not only that, but aluminium radiators are also lightweight and require a low volume of water, which makes them easy to mount onto a wall.

On the other hand, cast iron radiators are available in a variety of designs, colours, sizes, and shapes, that will be a stunning complement to any home. If you decide they’re not suitable for the main areas of your home, then why not consider the use of a cast iron radiator for towel rails, which will not only look stylish, but will also keep your bathroom and towels warm and cosy.

Why is cast iron a meaningful choice?

Today’s modern cast iron radiators are highly energy efficient and this is due to their material properties. They are made of a heavy metal, iron, which is responsible for providing a robust heating functionality. As it is made from heavy metal, it takes time to heat up, but once it gets hot, it spreads the heat evenly in the room. Then, when switched off, it retains the heat for longer and cools down slowly, so it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular addition to the home.

A modern cast iron radiator proves to be the best choice of heating fixture among all other radiators – even other modern aluminium or steel radiators. The biggest benefit of having a cast iron radiator is the energy efficiency feature that could result in lowering your electricity bills.

How does a cast iron radiator work?

A cast iron radiator is not only energy efficient, but it also gives the best heat output too, which means that the spread of heat is even around the room. These types of radiators do this because the cast iron radiates an ambient heat for a longer time than those made from steel or aluminium. Additionally, your boiler will continue to efficiently heat water which will pass through the central heating system of your home, so the water temperature that returns will always be hotter. Central heating systems are designed in this way to keep the radiator heated for a longer time, as it doesn’t have to work hard for retaining the water temperature at the right levels.

When you think of getting a heat radiator for your home, then why not consider a stunning and stylish cast iron radiator from AEL Heating that will prove the perfect choice for your home.

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