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What’s the must-have accessory for winter? Ok, ok when I say winter you first thought might not be sunglasses – however, there are plenty of occasions when you can make use of them. Maybe you’re jetting off to get some winter sun (I wish!), there’s that time of the morning when you’re commuting to work and the sun is just in the space between the bottom of the visor and the top of the steering wheel, and when it starts to snow you’ll need something to shield the glare from your peepers.

I like to keep a couple of pairs in the car in case I need them!

Remember these bad boys that I broke in Portugal way back in May?! Well, Cheapass Sunglasses have treated me again to this lovely pair that are imaginatively named Casper the Friendly Toast – love it – apparently inspired by someone from the Cheapass Sunglasses office who is really pale and once proposed a toast. They’re so different and really cool (in fact, am I even cool enough to pull these off?!) and I can definitely see myself wearing them at Ocean Beach in Ibiza next summer.

I love the quirkiness of this brand – all of the sunglasses are called odd names which definitely makes it stand out for me compared to other accessories shops.

Because they are so cheap as well (hence the name Cheapass Sunglasses!) you can buy multiple fashion pairs and it doesn’t matter if you break or lose them – which is my problem when it comes to sunglasses. In my time I’ve lost two designer pairs and broke countless others and so this brand is perfect if you’re a little clumsy like me.

Find out more and get your own pair of Cheapass Sunglasses here.

Now all I need is someone to whisk me off for some winter sunshine!

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