Can I see your ID?

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When we first turn 18, it can fill us with nervousness when someone asks to see our ID. After all, we hope we look old enough to get into a bar or club. But once you get further into your 20s and beyond, it can feel like a dream when someone asks to see your ID. After all, we all hope we can look youthful as long as possible. In fact, it can feel like the end of the world if we get a wrinkle or aging line. However, there are some easy ways to keep your youthful looks for longer, so you will still receive the opening line of “Have you got your ID?” for years to come!

Stick to a healthy diet

To keep our physical health on point, we need to consume a proper diet. And the same applies to our beauty too. If you want to keep your looks in great shape, you need to be watching your diet. After all, foods which are high in sugar can put you at higher risk of spots and wrinkles which will make you look older than your years. Therefore, it’s time to cut these out of your diet to reap the benefits. Instead, you need to stick to highly nutritious foods which are full of fibre. In fact, as I’ve said before, foods like tomatoes, white meat and vegetables are great for your skin. Therefore, add these to your diet to ensure you stay youthful in your looks. And remember to drink up when it comes to water too. After all, it will clear your skin and make sure it stays hydrated.

Look into cosmetic treatments

Another way you can enjoy youthful skin for longer is by opting to go under the knife. After all, a lot of the top celebs who look much younger than their years have gone through Botox treatments and face lifts to get their youthful look. And if it’s done by a professional, it can ensure it doesn’t look like you have opted to get work done. Of course, any form of surgery is a big deal, so make sure you think through the pros and cons before getting work done. And you could always make an appointment to talk through the procedure. After all, treatments are an excellent way to get rid of those wrinkles and fine lines!

Stick to a good skincare regime

A lot of people with great skin will put it down to their skincare regime. After all, if you want your skin to stay in perfect condition, you need to make sure you are giving it some TLC. Skincare starts from first thing in the morning with a great exfoliator and moisturiser. Make sure you do this before a touch of make-up reaches your skin. And then throughout the day, it’s worth applying more moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. In the evenings, you need to make sure you remove your makeup and apply some night cream to keep it in good nick.


And remember that make-up is often an excellent way to trick people about your age. You can cover fine lines and wrinkles with concealer to ensure they are hidden. And some eyeliner and a good lippie will help you to look younger.

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