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Byron Menu
I’d heard of the Byron Hamburgers chain and knew that they had quite a lot of branches in London but I actually didn’t realise that they’d managed to make it up north until I got invited to review Byron Hamburgers Derby. This new branch, situated in the Intu centre, has only been open a few weeks and so I was really excited to try it, especially as a huge lover of burgers! So, with my BFF in tow, I headed off in anticipation of some delicious burgers.

Byron Nachos


We chose to dive straight in with a nachos sharer to start with. It came with the usual – melted cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and jalapenos – and the things that I really liked about these nachos was that the cheese covered quite a lot of the top layer of nachos – I hate it when restaurants are stingy with the cheese, it’s the best bit! Other starters on offer include olives and buffalo chicken wings – perfect for pre-burger nibbles.

The Burgers

Byron Hamburgers
The menu is mainly beef burgers (as you would most probably expect at a restaurant called Byron Hamburgers) but they also offer chicken burgers and salads, if you’re after a healthy option. My BBF (follow her on Instagram here!) opted for the Bun Free Skinny which comes with a side salad instead of a bun. I saw Saturday as a treat day and totally forgot about honing my Ibiza body as I ordered a Chilli burger with a side of courgette fries.

Byron Burger
We were asked if we wanted our burgers cooked medium or well done which I was really pleased about as I hate well done meat. When they arrived, they were cooked to perfection, quite pink inside and really tender and juicy. Mine was topped with green chilli, American cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce and chipotle mayonnaise. It was really delicious and bursting full of flavour – I had to use my knife and fork to eat it as it was a little too messy to eat with my hands! The great thing about Byron Hamburgers is that they give you burger inspiration with the Proper Hamburgers section of their menu but if you’re fussy you can create your own with whatever toppings you’d like.

Byron Condiments
I was recommended to try the courgette fries by The Sticky Beak Blog. They are basically strips of courgette that are deep fried and delicious. The only problem is that you can’t really eat too many of them as they’re really filling BUT they are one of your five a day!


The Drinks

Unfortunately I was a little hungover when we visited (a huge burger was just what I needed!) from champagne tasting at Maison Mes Amis in Chesterfield the night before, and so I didn’t get to try either their Bloody Mary or any of the fizz. I opted instead for a Diet Coke (a sensible choice seeing as I was stuffing my face with burgers) and I loved that they came in the authentic glass bottles rather than from the draft. We also had a latte each to finish off the meal (we were too stuffed for puddings even though the Caramel and Honeycomb Sundae sounded divine).

I really enjoyed my trip to Byron Hamburgers Derby, the staff were lovely and really attentive and I felt full up from my delicious meal for the rest of the day (well until it was time to order Indian takeaway that night!) so I would definitely recommend a visit – it makes a perfect stop off point during a full day of shopping.

Byron Hamburgers

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