Braun Body Grooming Kit review

Something a little different on my blog today – a review from a boy! And not just any boy, my lovely boyfriend. We were sent the Braun Body Grooming Kit to try out, just before our holiday to Skiathos as it’s perfect for getting rid of unwanted hair or for getting unruly hair into line. Braun has recently launched a new Beard, Hair and Body Styling Range – a series of six products to help men achieve a unique look all over their body. With the recent trend for beards (hipsters, I’m looking at you), there’s never been a better time for men to really take ownership of their body hair. By coincidence, I have just bought my boyfriend some new shaving products after browsing some of the amazing grooming supplies on websites like as well so I cannot wait to hear his verdict on all of these new grooming treats!

Perfect for “manscaping” (if you’re not well versed in male grooming then read: tidying up body hair), this electric body grooming tool works primarily as an epilator but the head can be swapped for a trimmer, making it a multi-talented little product. I’ve spoken before at length about my love of multi-talented products for space-saving in the home and this is no exception. For holidays, having this will eliminate the need for several different tools and therefore save space (and, more importantly, weight) in your suitcase. If you are interested in saving spacee and would prefer to get your beard shaved before your holiday though, then you might find it easier to get it professional cut at a barber’s shop. If this is something that you are interested in but aren’t sure where to go, then you could always visit a site like

I’ve never used an epilator myself before (shameful, I know) and so I was looking forward to seeing the results (and actually doing the epilating!) on my boyf. Ok, so it is massively painful (apparently) – I’m told it was worse than waxing and lasted longer and I don’t think it was a particularly enjoyable experience. However, no pain, no gain – the results of epilation are said to last up to four weeks and the hairs are supposed to grow back thinner which makes it a better alternative to shaving and it’s less pricey than waxing as this treatment can be carried out at home. Plus, with some of the best face wash for men afterwards, it can leave your skin feeling smooth and clean.

The Braun Body Grooming Kit can be used dry or wet – perfect for washing the trimmed hair down the plughole! – and can be used all over the body, including the chest, back, beard and head.

Find out more about Braun and their male grooming products here.

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