Born Bad Betty

I stumbled across this new site through a re-tweet from @VintageLifeMag on Twitter.

In my Pieces of the Past post, I told you about my new 1950s housewife obsession. Yes, I’ve started watching Man Med, cooking, baking and obsessively cleaning, and all of this since we moved into our new apartment. However, last week I had a Stepford Wives disaster of epic proportions. Whilst the fiance was hard at work, I went for lunch with one of my best friends and then commenced my wifely duties.

Love Bird Fascinator, £35

I visited Tescos armed with a shopping list on my phone and two recipes for the evening ahead. I was planning to make a Moroccan tagine and bake a red velvet cake. Both of these were a fail of epic proportions. Firstly, the tagine. It was dry, a strange green colour and pretty much vile. In fact, my fiance turned the oven on and cooked a pizza instead.

Secondly, the red velvet cake was a multitude of beyond epic fails –
1. I had no cake tin, so I decided to make buns instead.
2. I didn’t adjust the quantities to account for this change and so ended up with tonnes of buns.
3. The cake was not red, it just looked like chocolate cake.
4. The buns didn’t rise – they were like the pancake of the cake world.

Mistress Black & Leopard 50s Dress

5. I ran out of icing sugar but didn’t adjust the quanities of cream cheese and butter and so the icing wasn’t right.

So, after these awful experiences, I was feeling pretty disillusioned with the whole housewife thing and I was in need of some inspiration. And that was when I happened across Born Bad Betty.

There are swing dresses, hourglass dresses and pencil dresses in polka dot, floral, leopard print and cherry print. All of which would look perfect with victory rolls and a bright red lipstick.

My favourite piece is the Mistress Black and Leopard 50s dress which I could picture Joan from Mad Men wearing and when I clicked on the description it said just that! As well as the gorgeous dresses (I’m going to start a collection so that I can channel Joan every day at work – I could use some of her attitude!) there are customised shoes with cute trims and charms and accessories including fascinators featuring birds. I especially love the Love Bird one, it is absolutely adorable.

Another thing that got me super excited on the site was the Bridal Shoes service. Born Bad Betty custom makes shoes for your special day, all you need to do is choose your shoes, trimming and charm and she will do the rest! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned on here before(!), but I am actually getting married next year and this sounds like something I would love to do. I’m not that keen on the usual white bridal type shoes and would like to have something extra special and unique to wear so I may have to take a trip back here before the big day.

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