#BookClub Girl, Conflicted by Sasha Lane*

Girl, Conflicted
Girl, Conflicted tells the story of 32 year old Emma Storey whose boyfriend breaks up with her at the very start of the book, instead of proposing as she suspected (think Elle Woods in Legally Blonde!). After this pretty major setback, the story follows her as she tries to negotiate her way through relationships and friendships. Don’t worry – there’s definitely no spoilers here but there is a massive twist in Girl, Conflicted and this was when the book really went up a gear.

I’d describe the book as chick lit with a bit of a darker edge which I’m a big fan of. It’s told from a first person perspective by Emma and she is super-relatable. I feel as if she’s either one of my besties or a more scatty version of me! I really got absorbed into her life and feel every emotion along with her and I felt that all the other characters – love interests, Sophie her bestie and her mum – were really well developed through their dialogue and description.

To say that I couldn’t put it down would be a bit of an understatement. Luckily when I was sent the book, I had a week off work that I spent at Bluestone in Wales (review to follow on the blog soon!), and it was the perfect companion. I’d definitely recommend it as a holiday beach read, it’s like a rom com with a bit of a sinister twist and I loved it.

You can get your own copy of Girl, Conflicted on Amazon. Sasha has actually written two more books, Girl, Unhinged which is out now and a new book due for release in May. These both follow on from this one, so we don’t have to leave Emma behind quite yet – and I can’t wait to read them!

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  1. Anca says:

    The book sounds very interesting. It’s great to be able to have time off when you start something that you love, like a new book.

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