Boo Leicester review*

Boo Leicester
As serial lovers of fast food, my boyf and I were invited to try out Boo in Leicester last week. I’d describe Boo as sort of higher quality fast food outlet – a bit like Five Guys (but better in my opinion – read on to find out why!) – which is great when you fancy something a little bit nicer than McDonalds but you don’t want a sit down dinner. Inside it’s laid-back and minimalist in design – clean lines and monochrome plus cool wall art all over the place.

Boo Leicester
The menu is really simple – there’s three choices of beef burger, a chicken burger and a veggie burger option plus chips with or without cheese and two different varieties of chicken bites. I, personally am a huge fan of a simple menu – sometimes there is just too much choice and it makes it difficult for you to make up your mind but really easy for you to make the wrong choice and get food envy when your meal arrives.

Boo Leicester
How it works is also pretty simple – you order and pay for your food at the counter then take a small pager which buzzes when your food is ready which means you can go and collect it.

Boo milkshake
A special mention has to go to the staff – they were lovely and explained the concept of the restaurant, recommended different options to us and were just really attentive. We chose some different options to share including a haystacks burger (topped with crispy onions), a chicken burger, chips and cheese and sticky chicken bites. I also indulged in a peanut butter milkshake, as recommended by the staff, and I must say it was really incredible. Refillable soft drinks are also available.

Boo burgers
The food was really delicious (and super filling – we didn’t manage to eat it all!) and you could tell that the meat was really high quality. The burgers are made from Aberdeen Angus beef and the chicken burger is real chicken breast in batter, rather than processed meat. the sticky chicken bites were really tasty – I think they were the highlight of my meal.

Boo burgers
We really enjoyed our dinner at Boo, Leicester and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re out in the city. Find out more about Boo here.

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  1. Faz says:

    I love Boo Burger! I think you describe it perfectly in your blog post! This was really nice to read!

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