Yesterday I hot-footed it down to London (I hadn’t been in about a month and so I was MORE than ready for the bright lights of the capital) to take part in HulaFit, an exercise class involving hula hooping – and I’m not talking about the ones you eat. You might be surprised that I was thinking of trying a new exercise class after my foray into pole dancing but I’m still searching for the one for me!

Hula Hoops
Organised by the lovely Lauren at Blonde Vision as part of @LDNMeetUp, the plan was to burn off shed-loads of calories hula hooping and then stuff our faces with food at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, conveniently forgetting about my holiday diet for the day (actually, make that the weekend – since it’s Easter, I will be having chocolate for my breakfast).

I arrived a little late (blaming National Express all the way – do their coaches EVER run on time?!) but luckily I used my contactless credit card on the tube for the first time ever which saved me tonnes of time queuing up for a ticket and then I power walked from the tube to the Tabernacle in Notting Hill. To be honest, I was exhausted before the class started.

HulaFit Bloggers
The instructor of the class, Anna, was great – she was super enthusiastic an encouraging, even though it did take me a while to get used to hula hooping. Anna is the UK’s first hula hooping teacher (so we felt pretty privileged to be taught by her!) and has performed hula hooping everywhere from Ibiza to New York – oh, and she’s pretty awesome at it. Anna runs HulaFit with husband Rowan and they were both super friendly and lovely.

Bloggers getting HulaFit
It’s a lot harder than it looks and as soon as I had mastered the basic getting to go round and round, it was time to move onto another move. I used a weighted hoop to make it a little bit easier but was told I might get bruises (eek! None have appeared so far!). We made the hoop go faster and slower, walked, span and jumped around in the hoop and even bounced it off our bums and boobs – basically anything you could think of doing with a hoop, we did it! We even rotated the hoops on our index fingers – cue lots of hoops being flung into the air!

Hula Hoops
The class was a proper laugh, especially as everyone was a beginner – although there were a few bloggers that picked it up really well (I was not one of them). The whole point of the class is that it’s meant to make exercise fun, working your muscles while having the best time, and it’s definitely a lot more fun than circuit training or anything like that.

HulaFit is all about training your core and abs which is one area that I really want to work on (I think I left my abs in Mallorca when I left four years ago) and I must say, my abs are beginning to get a little sore today which means it must be working!

There are Hula Fit classes every day in the week in London, in Kennington, Camberwell, King’s Cross and Hackney, so if you’re in London and you’re looking for a new workout where you can really have a laugh with all your friends, I would totally recommend it. A massive thank you to Anna and Rowan for organising the class and, of course to the beautiful Lauren!

After we left, some of the lovely bloggers went for dinner to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and this happened…oops!
Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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9 Responses

  1. Lauren Blonde Vision says:

    Such a fab post! You definitely win the award for the quickest review after one of our events!!
    Thank you SO much for coming, it was so great to meet you <3 xxx

    • samantha says:

      Ha – I had some free time this morning so thought I might as well pop one up! Really enjoyed it and it was lovely to meet you, definitely going to make it to lots more 🙂 xxx

  2. carrie says:

    I love the sound of this! I like to exercise (well, kind of), but much prefer classes to the gym. I’d love to ‘give this a whirl’! Definitely earned the burger….x

    • samantha says:

      I know what you mean, I much prefer classes with my friends where you can just have a laugh so it feels more like a social occasion than a work out! Need to do some clean eating this week now, apart from those Easter eggs! 😉 xx

  3. Laura says:

    I so enjoyed the class. I was even looking at the hoops on Argos that evening, although not sure if I would have room in my house without breaking a few things in the process! Those burgers weren’t bad either hehe x

  4. Nevena Krstic says:

    It was lovely meeting you! Hopefully I will see you at more events in London, even if it is a bit of a trek XD xx

    • samantha says:

      Awww it was so lovely to meet everyone, I had the best time. Well, I don’t need an excuse to go down to London so I’m sure I will be seeing you all again soon!xx

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