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Leeds docks
This is the second IceLolly.com #BlogattheBeach event that I’ve been to (watch my review of my first IceLolly.com event here) and I was really looking forward to it as I found the first one that I went to back in June really inspiring – it really encouraged me to make my blog the space that I want it to be and concentrate on travel which is my true passion.

As usual on events days, I had the last minute apprehension on the way to the train station – would there be anyone there I know?! Would I just sit by myself and be too nervous to talk to anyone?! I get super nervous before events and I don’t know why because it’s always fine! Thanks to Twitter I met up with three lovely girls (Face the Fun, The Crown Wings and Me in Leeds
The event had a ski theme and so, once we were given our lift passes, we were greeted with mulled wine and hot toddies. There were loads of influencers at the event and a few familiar faces so it was great for networking. There was plenty of time for catching up with people, a nibbly lunch was provided and there were opportunities to win prizes throughout the day.

#BlogattheBeach speakers

One thing that IceLolly.com really gets right every time is the speakers at these events. These three were SO inspiring and gave us all plenty of practical tips to take away with us.

Kirsty Leanne: I’ve followed Kirsty for a while and I was really excited to hear her tips for pitching to companies – something which I really struggle with and (as this week’s blogger news has highlighted) I’m sure many other influencers do too. She came over to speak to us at the beginning of the event and told us she was super nervous but she came across as a real pro and gave us an outline of how we should structure our pitches which was exactly the advice I needed.

Queen Beady: Again, someone that I’ve followed for quite some time who has been really successful over the last year. Bea talked about balancing blogging with a 9-5 job which is something I definitely struggle with at times, and gave us practical tips for maximising your time – like using your lunch break for blogging, or getting up an hour earlier than usual to fit some work in.

Fordtography: Kaye Ford’s photography tips were super relevant to me as I just got my very first camera for Christmas and I have absolutely no idea how to use any of the settings on it! She encouraged us to get to know the settings better and take the camera off manual!

My new friends
I really enjoyed #BlogattheBeach – so much so that I was inspired to start writing this on the train on the way home…although I had to put my iPad away pretty sharpish when a girl split prosecco all over me. In hindsight sitting by myself at a table was probably a bad idea! I’m looking forward to putting everything I’ve learnt into practice so look out for some awesome collaborations soon!

Did you go to #BlogattheBeach? Let me know what you thought to the event in the comments.

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