The best illuminated landmarks around the world*

The Eiffel Tower
When asked, I’m always torn between what my favourite view (or, more importantly Instagram pic!) is. I love love love a beach shot but I’m equally in awe of beautiful cityscapes. With the latter, my favourite pictures are the night time ones where certain landmarks are beautifully illuminated against the dark night sky. Festive Lights has released a really cool infographic all about landmark lighting around the world and how much it costs to keep the world’s landmarks and light shows lit up. The infographic has also been featured on Business Insider This really got me thinking – what are my favourite illuminated landmarks? No matter the landmark or even electronic device, you can be assured it will be sealed with something like this pcb conformal coating service from Para Tech Coating or by other coating companies that provide exterior electronics with a protective coating to withstand weather conditions and more, without these coatings, the majority of these landmarks that rely on electricity would have already been damaged beyond repair!

The Eiffel Tower

Ok, so I would have to say that the Eiffel Tower is probably my favourite landmark, never mind illuminated landmark! I love Paris, I love the fact that you can see the Eiffel Tower from most of the city and I love the fact that it’s super cheap to go to the top. It’s so beautiful at night time as it’s lit by 20,000 light bulbs and the colours of the lights can change in response to different events. Apparently it’s spectacular on New Year’s Eve too.

The New York skyline

There are too many landmarks to mention in New York City. Amongst my favourites are the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Centre and the Chrysler Building (read more about my trip to NYC here). It’s basically the archetypal city skyline picture. But the biggest consumer of light in New York has to be Times Square which has 55 giant LED displays using 161 megawatts per day. A visit here feels just like you’re in a movie!

Montjuic Magic Fountain, Barcelona

I haven’t visited Barcelona since I was on a family holiday when I was younger but the fountains are something that have have really stuck with me as a great memory from the holiday. The fountains “dance” along to music and have beautiful colours which also change to the music. A must see at night time in Barcelona!

Matlock Bath Illuminations

Gotta give a little nod to the pretty lights in my hometown of course! Like Blackpool but on a slightly smaller scale, Matlock Bath is often referred to as like an inland seaside. A day out here will entail a walk by the river, pottering in the shops, slotting in 2ps at the arcade and of course, a fish and chip supper. The illuminations run during September and October where the town is lit up every Saturday night with a boat parade on the river. Every other Saturday there is also a firework display which is usually pretty awesome.

Where are your favourite lit-up landmarks? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I was stood at the foot of the Eiffel Tower at midnight on New Year’s Eve and it was pretty spectacular! It was only topped by the engagement ring I was given at the exact same moment!

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