Best fashion items to pack when travelling*

Fashionable travel
Travelling is often thought of as a gruelling and grimy business. However, it’s the perfect opportunity for some style and fashion too. Of course, this consensus will change somewhat depending on where you’re going, but there’s obviously no need to be grungy and scruffy for something like a city break adventure.

How you’re travelling also matters for fashion too. You may want to change your outfit if you’re undertaking a long road trip, or if you’re clambering aboard the latest craze of interrailing, for example. You can change things here to maximise your level of comfort.

So, here are some of the best fashion items to pack when travelling…

Fashionable sleeps

Travelling is tough, but with a travel pillow you can sleep through most of it. Combine it with the uses of a face mask and quality earplugs, and those long flights or bus trips will be replaced with the peaceful abyss that sleep provides. What more could you ask for?

You may be wondering where the fashion part comes in here. Well, you can sleep peacefully with your dignity intact by using these items, or hunch down in your chair with everyone else while snoring and slobbering everywhere. There’s something more stylish about being readily prepared for your transit sleeps, and it’s certainly cooler than making a fool of yourself by unexpectedly nodding off and regularly bumping your head against windows, seats or fellow travellers.


Few travellers step outside the front door without their sunglasses. Of course, if you’re heading somewhere that’s notoriously not sunny, then this item may not apply to you. However, for summer trips to places full of sunshine, sunglasses are a stylish accessory you just can’t afford to leave out of your travel itinerary.

Stop your squinting and pick a pair up, and you’ll look cool and suave while also having crystal clear vision on the brightest of days. You also won’t have to keep stopping for shade, and you can even shove them up your head and use them as a headband when you’re indoors. What’s more fashionable than items with multiple uses?


Handbags might seem like too much of a burden to lug around on your travels. However, they do come in different shapes and sizes. Today you can pick up bum bags, clutch bags or tote bags that will serve you well in a cityscape or on the beachfront alike. So long as you pack them full of lighter items, there’ll be no sore shoulders at all on your trip.

While they’re practical in that they can store a lot of essential items like makeup, bottles of water and medicine, obviously handbags also have a major style factor too. This especially true of the offerings from Radley London, who have a host of products that range widely in materials, colours and patterns used. Much of style today is about preparedness, instead of needlessly flashy excess. This is true in travel especially, and the handbag nails that kind of aesthetic perfectly.


These fashionable travel items focus on practicality as well as style. After all, when you’re roaming around unfamiliar places, it’s important to look after yourself and be prepared for numerous eventualities. The stuff listed here will help greatly with that, but also keep you looking trendy on your trips.

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