#BedtimeBook: The Maze Runner by James Dashner*

The Maze Runner

I love reading before bed – it really calms you down and gets you settled ready for a great night’s sleep, so when Adjustable Beds asked me what my favourite book was, in honour of World Book Day 2016 which is on Thursday, I found it quite difficult to choose. I really can’t pick my favourite book of all time, so I picked my favourite that I’ve read in recent years.

I’ve adored dystopian novels ever since I did a module in them at university in 2009 but I was quite late to the party with The Maze Runner trilogy, my brother bought me all the books for Christmas a couple of years ago. It’s very similar to other series like The Hunger Games (adore!) and the Divergent series (which I’ve yet to read but I love the films).

At first, the book starts off quite slowly and is just full of questions. You feel super disorientated – who is the main character? Where are they? And just what the heck is going on? I must admit at first this really put me off – I wanted to know something, well anything really and you literally don’t. However, after this initial uncertainty, the book really ramps up the pace and there is twist after twist and discovery after discovery.

It’s really fast paced, I loved the characters and during my holiday to Ibiza last year I just couldn’t put it down. The other books in the series (there are two others in the trilogy and a prequel) are also really good and perfect holiday reading – you can pass hours sunbathing with these books as you will be completely unable to put them down.

I’ve yet to watch the films and I’m kind of scared to because I love the books so much and everyone knows that films are never as good as books but they’re definitely on my must-see list. I’m hoping they’ll be available on the plane when I fly to Dubai later on this month!

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