Bathroom concepts that every beauty fanatic should consider*

Makeup brushes
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If you’re a beauty fanatic, then you’ll know just how much room all of your products and tools can take up. Let’s start off with your makeup. You need space for foundations, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, mascaras, blushers, bronzers and a host of lipsticks and glosses. Then onto makeup application tools: brushes, blending sponges and contouring kits take up further room. Did I mention things like eyebrow tinting apparatus, epilators, wax strips, moisturizers and all other kinds of lotions and potions? When it comes down to it, you could probably do with a specially designated beauty room and spa in your home (I wish!). But this isn’t a realistic option for the majority of us. So where do you store all of your items without cluttering up your living space? Well, I suggest that you consider the bathroom.

bathroom cabinet
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Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are a minimalist and sleek storage solution and will provide additional space for the family to keep bathroom essentials in. Plus, this will free up space on the window sill, around the bath or any area of the bathroom where toiletries are kept.

You can keep whatever you want in there, up and out of the way. From basic things like feminine hygiene products, medication, mouthwash, and floss to moisturisers, face masks and creams. Usually, a bathroom cabinet will be mounted on the wall above your sink and will often have a mirror on the front for convenience. However, if you believe you need something a little more sturdy and spacious, consider bathroom vanity units. These are essentially cabinets that have the basin built into them. They come in a variety of styles: floor-standing, wall-mounted, cloakroom, and corner units. You can opt for single or double basin and there’s also the option of cabinets with combination basin and toilet units.

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Makeup storage

Okay, so we’re on to the fun part. Makeup. Makeup can completely transform how you look or give you a more flawless natural look. But you need space to store all of your products and tools. Consider makeup organisers. These are clear plastic drawers or storage blocks with compartments for each type of makeup you use. Roll up makeup brush bags are great for protecting your brushes and keeping them clean.


If you shave, you’re going to have razors about. But don’t leave them on the edge of the bathtub. Not only is this a safety hazard (especially if you have children or pets about), but you don’t want them to rest in pooled, stagnant water. This wall cause your razor to rust, in which incidence it becomes unusable and needs to be thrown away. Consider purchasing a razor with an attachment for the wall. This keeps it dry and out of the way of little hands and paws.

Towel rails

Nothing beats getting out of a pampering bath or shower and snuggling into a soft, warm towel. But we often find ourselves with a pile of towels slung over the bathroom door or edge of the bath. This isn’t ideal. Invest in free standing towel racks. This will keep your towels out of the way and will give them a chance to dry properly.

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