BAFTAs Hit and Miss

I am well aware that I have been severely (and I do mean SEVERELY) neglecting this poor blog. Like a favourite friend that suddenly falls out of favour, I was posting every single day at first and now it seems I have absolutely no time to write and this is just not right. What with a full time job, buying a house, planning a wedding and sorting out my fiance’s accounts, I feel as if there are no spare moments to spend on my blog. I never knew house buying would be so stressful! I’ve still not decided exactly where I would like to live so I’ve just been looking on websites like Willam Pitt to see what’s on the market at the minute. I’m just so busy! So what I have decided to give up for Lent (and I’ve never given up anything before due to my none-existent will power) is making excuses not to write my blog.

So, on Sunday I stayed up later than my usual 9 o’clock bed time (yes, I am THAT rock ‘n’ roll) to watch the BAFTAs. Well, when I say stayed up, what I really mean is got into bed with a hot chocolate and put it on the TV. Although I have watched a fair amount of the films that were nominated this year, unlike previous years (Argo, Les Miserables, Lincoln – all thanks to my fiance’s cinema pass and Orange Wednesdays), this was not the reason that I wanted to watch. Yes, you guessed it, it was all about the dresses for me.

My favourite of the night was the beautiful Marion Cotillard. I am a massive fan of her anyway as I think she is absolutely flawless and I loved her in The Dark Knight but for me, she had the stand out dress of the night. Her bright yellow Christian Dior dress ticks the neon trend of the season and even though I’m not that keen on neon, the brightness is perfect for the spring and she really stood out against a background of neutrals and blacks. Yellow is a really difficult colour to wear and I must admit, she’s a braver woman than I am but the colour really stands out against her porcelain skin. The sheer panel at the thighs is just the right amount of understated sexy (although she apparently almost flashed as the panel rode up!) as are the bare arms and shoulders. Her red lipstick completes the look, which I would describe as classically glamourous and undeniably, well, French.

Jennifer Lawrence also chose Christian Dior for the night. The sequinned dress looked great on her, but I just wasn’t keen on her wet look hair. Apparently this is a new trend that had fashion critics fawning over her but to me it just reminded me of the times I’ve not had time to jump in the shower and had to go to work with two-day old chip pan hair.

Speaking of hair disasters, I’ve got two words for you – Helen Mirren. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the pastel hair colour trend. I’ve considered the pastel pink dip dye for my own blonde locks and I loved the all over colour on Sophie (aka Illuminata) from America’s Next Top Model. However, I feel this is a very young trend which is a bit difficult to pull off. Having said that, I do feel in awe of her – she’s clearly having fun and doing what she wants so good on her!

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