Anita Active Frontline Open Sports Bra*

As regular readers will know, I’ve been on a real health and fitness these past couple of months including exercising at home, joining the gym and watching what I eat (well, most of the time!). I talked in my Lazy Girl Gym Hacks post about how important it is to have the correct clothes on whilst exercising and a sports bra is a massive part of this – you want those bad boys secured while you’re working out!

This Anita Active Frontline Open Sports Bra isn’t the most attractive of all the sports bras I’ve ever seen (although it does look pretty awesome on this model!) and so if it really is function over fashion for you, then this might be the one. I would definitely wear a vest over the top of it, or just keep it for my working out at home wear. However, like I said, what it lacks it design, it makes up for in hard work!

I’m pretty gifted in that sort of area and so I definitely need a sports bra to keep me (ahem) supported. It’s front fastening which is really helpful if you’re getting changed at the gym. No more awkward moments turning away from everyone else and trying to avoid the mirror as you try to stretch your sports bra down over your boobs and make sure your arms are in the right holes.

Another great feature is the Velcro fastening straps. I didn’t actually realise they were adjustable at first (note to self: always do your research!) and thought it just didn’t fit me properly, but these are great because you can have the straps as tight or as loose as you need them for working out. Because they’re so easy to adjust, you can do this while you work out so there’s no agonising that you’ve made a mistake and no excuses to leave early to hit the changing room.

The sports bra itself keeps you really secure and supported – leaving nothing to get in the way while you’re running!

Find out more information about the Anita Active Frontline Open Sports Bra here.

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  1. Single Mother Ahoy says:

    This looks great. I need a proper heavy duty sports bra too, and most just don’ t do the job! Thanks for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop!

  2. It’s definitely difficult to find one that’s really great for keeping them out of the way while you’re working out!xx

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