Amazing careers for the physically fit*

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You’re no couch potato. Never have been. You run on a regular basis. You feel energetic most of the time. You have a great physique, and may even know this because you keep getting compliments about it! A lot of people would say that being physically fit and good looking can only get you so far. But these things can actually help you a lot in some really great careers.

So what career options are actually available to you? For what jobs could you write “physically fit” on your CV and be in with a shot? Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and lucrative options available…


A lot of people still seem to be under the impression that modelling is in some way sleazy. And maybe there are indeed some aspects of the industry that aren’t particularly ethical. But the glamorous and perhaps drug-fuelled depictions you’ve seen in the media? They’re largely sensationalist and make-believe. Modelling is tough work, even if some would like to claim that it just involves you sitting still long enough for someone to take your picture. Getting into the industry is notoriously tough, but the Internet is definitely helping things. Get involved in photography, modelling agencies, and Instagram to help get your foot in the door.


This seems like the most obvious answer around, right? And it’s definitely something that a lot of people out there are interested in. This is especially true for young adults. Professional athletes are often required to train every day to stay competitive and maintain their edge. For many who like to keep physically fit anyway, being paid to do all of this sounds like a dream. Of course, it’s not easy to break into the sports industry. And where would you even start, anyway? There are so many sports out there! You should consider working with coaches and looking at local leagues to join.

personal trainer

Personal trainer

Well, a trainer who isn’t physically fit isn’t going to impress their clients! Someone who is physically fit often knows a lot about actually getting and staying physically fit. Keeping up with these sorts of tactics aren’t as easy for most people as you may think. And that’s why fitness training is so important to a lot of people. You should consider passing on your skills and knowledge to people who are having a bit of trouble. Becoming a personal trainer isn’t as simple as starting a business and getting clients. You’ll need to look into fitness courses if you want to know how to teach properly. It’s harder than you may think! Going to a personal trainer first hand to see how your fitness levels are and what you could possibly improve on is a good start at getting into the profession. The benefits of having a personal trainer are huge, and can really make a difference to peoples lives that are in desperate need of helping their fitness levels.


Rescue services

A way in which you can really help people is by using your physical fitness to help save them! Firefighters and law enforcers need to be in great physical shape. You need to be able to climb, lift, give chase… You know, all that cool stuff you see in the movies and TV shows about cops and firefighters! These services are always looking for new people, and it’s vital they get physically fit people to help.

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