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Solo travel

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Going it alone. Braving the open skies. Jumping in at the deep end with nothing but a map and pocket full of dreams. Ain’t travel grand? Well, yes, it is. And so it should be if you follow these solo travel tips.

After all, you can’t play chess with a seven-foot-tall Canadian ex-armed-services chap named Roger in an Amsterdam hostel at midnight whilst sampling beers from around the world and listening to Pink Floyd without leaving the safety of your armchair. Not that that actually happened to me. Or perhaps it did. I’ll leave you guessing. Let’s just say I won. 

Travel is eye-opening and fun and up and down and even a little crazy at times, like a slow-motion roller coaster except there’s no bar to hold you in…you’re on your own. That’s all part of the excitement if you ask me, but it does bring up an important point about safety whilst travelling. Lost or stolen passports and personal injury can really put a downer on proceedings. That’s why the advice here is to research the contact details of your local embassy, and always know where to turn for legal matters – for example, see Morelli law personal injury lawyers.

Overpack for peace of mind (at first)

There’s an old saying that goes something like “pack your bag, then take half of it out because you won’t need it”. This leads people to treat their luggage with suspicion and contempt, like no matter what goes in, there was probably a better use of the space for some other item. Eliminate the stress of packing by throwing in everything you think you might need. Only once all of your various travel items are side by side will you truly see what is and isn’t essential.

Hide your money all over you

Waist straps for solo travellers have become a fashionable go-to way of carrying money safely. But they aren’t for everyone (it’s like wearing a belt around your belly, and it moves a lot, and it can get smelly). The solution here is to conceal money around your clothing so that in the event of a pickpocket singling you out for a day’s work, you won’t lose too much. Socks and zip pockets are obvious places to start, but you could also consider purchasing a specially designed stash belt that comes complete with a totally hidden money compartment. Clever. 

What top tips do you have for preparing for solo travel? Let me know in the comments!

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