A Top Shopping Spree

Over the weekend my boyf took me to York for my birthday. Whilst there we got some time to go shopping and I have to say, I am impressed with the high street again. I usually buy online but I hadn’t bought anything for at least a month because the shops seemed to be in that dodgy in between seasons period. Why do I buy online? As much as I love shopping, I just find it easier and less time consuming online. It is so much easier to search for what you are looking for. I even prefer to find things like jewellery online, as I often find myself wondering around jewellers aimlessly, unsure what I am looking at. I think there is more helpful information about jewellery like rings and necklaces online – things like the size, materials and carats are always easier to find. Despite this, I do still enjoy shopping the high streets and I intend to again very soon!

Now I can truly look forward to summer and with that comes the most fun task of all – building my summer wardrobe!

Blue Aztec Leggings, £18, River Island
I was surprised by River Island. Usually I find their clothes too embellished. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this when I was 16, but now I am (slightly) older I find it too tacky. However, this weekend it was full of pretty floral summer dresses and printed leggings (my fave!) so after seeing these leggings, I thought I better start looking around for some others to fill out my wardrobe a little more, and found many other leggings with various prints like these light grey camo leggings and others, I’m really starting to like printed clothing for any occasion. I even fell in love with a cute sailor-style playsuit, which would look perfect with sky high blush nude heels.
Sailor Playsuit, £40, River Island

Even in New Look, I managed to find several summery pieces which could enhance my wardrobe. Denim gilets have been popular for a couple of years, but I still love the faded ones and I haven’t yet managed to invest in one so I think this could be my year to do it.

Drape Front Blouse, £30, Topshop

Denim Gilet, £19.99, New Look

But of course, there’s one shop that I can always rely on. I was looking for a birthday outfit for a meal with my friends so I wanted something slightly dressy but not Saturday night out dressy (it was on a Monday after all!). I had been inspired a couple of weeks ago by one of my friends (you know who you are!) wearing a mint green long sleeved drape front top. Open at the front and the back, the fit is super flattering with a black bandeau top underneath. I bought the sleeveless coral coloured version.

Long Sleeve Drape Front Top, £36, Topshop
?Topshop also had a great selection of patterned leggings which I adored over winter and definitely want to transfer over to summer. Instead of woolly, this seasons leggings are jersey material, instead of fairilse, they are aztec patterned. I bought black and white aztec print leggings to go with my new top and also treated myself to an extra pair. I had been eyeing them up for a while but couldn’t decide if I would be brave enough to wear them. They are covered in animal print and tigers and I adore them. Just have to find a top that goes with them now!
Scarf Print Leggings, £20, Topshop
Aztec Leggings, £20, Topshop

And last, but of course not least, I treated myself to a cute pair of tights. They look like hold-ups as the bottom part of the tights up to above the knee is opaque and black and above this is sheer. However, hold-ups are so innapropriate (they don’t, as the name might imply, stay up!) and uncomfortable and I prefer statements tights to give a twist to a plain outfit. Plus, in my old age I feel the cold so much and need something to keep me warm!

I teamed my new tights with a Peter Pan collar dress and 5.5 inch Mary Janes (both from Toshop). I am still definitely a Topshop princess!

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