6 unusual windows around the world*

Whenever building a new house or renovating an existing one, windows are a really important feature of your rooms and you’ll need to decide on the design of them. This can often be overlooked and ignored and it’s commonly believed that there’s only one standard design of the window – the square one! However it’s not true – there are many distinctive styles of new windows and state-of-the-art replacement windows available and already installed which not only serve the purpose of thermal conductivity but are also an aesthetic feature of the inside and outside of the room. So here’s some inspiration for some stunning windows from around the world…

The Guild, Indonesia

The Guild, Indonesia


This house and workshop has circle and semi-circle shaped windows which are designed by a famous Indonesian architect – Real Rich. He made sure that these uniquely shaped windows took the spotlight and became an aesthetic feature and he located one of the large circular windows on the wall near the swimming pool. He did this so that the semi-circle shaped doors of the window open at the pool side and show a reflection of this beautiful window in the water.

Spiral Window House Japan

Spiral Window House, Japan


This house, which belongs to an Osaka family, has windows designed in a way that resembles the pattern of stairs. The motive behind this beautiful and amazingly unique pattern was to give different views of the Yodo River that starts from Lake Biwa and runs to the sea through the Osaka Bay. The only bad thing about this window pattern is that it isn’t very private.

School Extension, France

The architect of this school choose porthole windows for its courtyard to make it look creative and unique. The windows are covered with strong netting to ensure safety and to make sure that the view and ventilation are not compromised.

Gablepack South Korea

Gablepack, South Korea


This apartment in South Korea has bay windows that are made in a shape of a house with a sloping ceiling. These unique shaped windows catch your attention from a distance and give this building a unique finish.

Diamond House Singapore

Diamond House, Singapore


This unique building is a master piece created by famous Singaporean architecture firm Formwerkz Architects. This building has a triangular shaped window with a tinted glossy mirror on the front. This window shows the inner view from the outside of the building. The interior pops out from this triangular shaped window which looks really pleasing to the eye.

Hobbit House Wales

Hobbit House, Wales


Hobbit House is the nickname given to this house in Wales by the locals. It was built by a couple who didn’t even have any previous experience of architecture. This master piece was made out of timber and was sealed using straws to ensure there were no gaps and for insulation. If you are looking for window contractors, compare window prices for different companies before you decide on one.


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