6 reasons why Bali is the perfect travel destination for soul searchers* 

The picturesque island widely known as the epitome of untamed beauty, Bali has been attracting visitors of all sorts for years, but it has become especially popular for those who seek a perfect refuge for self-reflection. However, if you’re still in two minds regarding your destination, here’s a list of all the key reasons why Bali will be your ideal soul-searching escape.

1. Awe-inspiring temples

With a tradition that precedes the islanders’ tourist endeavours, Bali safeguards its holy temples as sacred sites with value that goes beyond merely aesthetic or historical. They are still used to mark festivities, anniversaries and host pilgrimages.

Bali temples
For instance, off the west coast of Bali, you can visit Tanah Lot, a secluded temple with a unique Hindu shrine. Then there’s the famous Uluwatu, perched upon the island’s cliffs and with a mesmerizing view of the horizon, while the Goa Gajah is embedded behind the Petanu River, and it was once considered a cave reserved for prayer and meditation.

2. Captivating nature

Spending time in one of the most intact regions of the world and far from the urban chaos of contemporary life, you will finally have the opportunity to silence your mind and enjoy the natural wonders of this island.

Bali monkeys
Meditate in the canyon of Sukawati, the journey to which is filled with natural obstacles that will require rock climbing skills, or enjoy the murmur of the Peguyangan waterfall cascades. The jungle-laden northern highlands of Bali also hide the Secret Gardens of Sambangan, interspersed with lush greenery and trickling waterfalls to enchant even the most demanding of nature-lovers.

3. Ancient relaxing techniques

The Balinese are well-versed in the secrets of relaxing the body with massages and various treatments that have become a lucrative skill on the island. Almost every resort and hotel offers their own selection of spa treatments that are based precisely on their unique methods.

Bali massage
They have holistic healing sessions which are meant to pamper all of your senses, so they include various relaxing fragrances, restorative oils, and soothing massages to complete your experience. This is a perfect place to restore balance to your mind and your body with the help of these ancient techniques.

4. The home of yoga

Few places on earth are as perfect for yoga as Bali is. With its sublime beaches and dream-like sunsets, it is ideal for a calming meditation and an asana flow to start and finish your daily routine.

Bali yoga
In fact, you can even take part in yoga training in Bali, become an instructor or just take your first steps into the healing world of this ancient skill. Guided sessions can help you uncover the pieces of yourself you have been searching for, you can strengthen your body and your mind, while awakening the feelings of gratitude and love for every aspect of your existence.

5. Stunning beaches

Although Bali is a well-known destination that attracts surfers from all over the world, and you’ll likely see plenty of just-married couples and those celebrating their anniversaries, you can also bask in its breathtaking shores alone or in the company of others.

Bali beaches
In addition to the densely visited beaches such as Kuta or Nusa Dua, you can set out to find the lesser known nooks of Bali. Suluban beach is deeply hidden in the limestone rocks of the shore, and accessed by steps and ramps, but worthy of effort. In the south of the island, you can enjoy the sun and the waves of Green Bowl beach, also tucked away via plenty of concrete steps into the shore.

6. Exotic cuisine

Balinese restaurants ranging from high-end sorts to their small warungs will offer you their traditional dishes. The most authentic meals include suckling pig prepared in a whole range of local spices and herbs, the slow cooked duck that needs to be ordered a day in advance, or the street food Indonesian variety of satay, sate lembat, which is actually made of minced meat and numerous spices.

Bali food
Tease your palate with a whole selection of locally grown foods that can vary from a simple plate of fruits to a whole feast for the senses. Each of their exquisite meals will be a treat for your body and will nourish your soul to appreciate Mother Nature’s fine taste for superb ingredients.

Perhaps it’s the mystical spirit of the island, or its friendly community, but the most appealing aspects of Bali cannot be expressed in words. However, even those who travel there with no intention of reshaping their lives seem to return home with stories of life-altering encounters and experiences, a new appreciation for life and a changed perspective of their own existence. If you’d like to read more about the island, check out this Bali travel blog.

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