5 ways to create an organised wardrobe

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Keeping a wardrobe organised on a daily basis can be a difficult task but putting some kind of organisation in place will make finding an outfit or a specific item of clothing a lot easier. Alternatively if you have too many items of clothing to organise, renting a self storage unit for the rest of your out of season clothes could save you a load of space and help you pick out your outfit for the day much quicker and easier, many companies offer storage units, like JIT Removals and Storage.

The tips below are there to help you create a wardrobe that will make life simpler in every way.

Organise by colour

Organising your clothes by shirts, jeans/trousers, coats and colour will help to make a real difference. The items mentioned are basics and can be worn on a daily basis but it is possible to organise any group of clothes. When your wardrobe is organised in this way it makes it easier to visualise an outfit and, of course, when it comes to putting it away, you can see exactly where it goes. This will give you more of an incentive to remain organised

Organise by seasons

Winter and summer both require different outfits. While you could wear the same jeans or trousers in winter as you do in summer, there are other items of clothing that are only suitable for one season. An example of this would be a chunky knitted jumper. You wouldn’t wear that in summer so look to separate these items to make it easier for you to move between the seasons. This is something that you can do over time. So during the summer months put your summer clothes together, leaving you with just your winter clothes – simple!

Separate accessories

It makes no sense to put accessories with items of clothing such as mixing scarfs or gloves in with t-shirts. So try to split your accessories up so that you can see exactly what you have, this makes it easier to add accessories that work with your outfit. One way to do this is to use boxes, particularly if you are short on space. You can then implement the same system for underwear and even beachwear.

Sort out shoes

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It is all too easy to throw shoes into the wardrobe and forget about them, eventually ending up with a messy pile of shoes and it takes forever to find a matching pair! Sometimes, space is a problem when it comes to storing shoes so try using boxes to organise them, such as the box that shoes come in. Being organised in this way will actually mean that you get to wear more of your shoes because it is easy to forget what you actually have when they are not organised.


If you really are short on space then you could decide to donate some of your clothing or shoes. So decide what you don’t need and put it all to one side so that you can give them to someone who may have a use for it. You can either donate it to a charity shop, give them away to friends or sell it online to help raise extra cash. However, make sure that you do not give away damaged or old items.

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