5 trends I didn’t mind missing out on

The other day, one of my work colleagues (the same one from “Feeling a little horse…” fame) forwarded me a link from the Guardian’s website where it claimed that the next big beauty trend for 2015 will be dyed armpit hair. Excuse me while I vom. Each to their own and all that but you’ll not catch me even growing the stuff, never mind dying it a funky colour to match my hair or clothing. If you feel so inclined, you can read the full article here.

This got me thinking – although I am one to follow a good trend – which ones have I chosen to miss out on over the years?

1. Skirt over trousers
Although quite young when this came about, I was already pretty much a fashion genius so when my friends started turning up in these monstrosities I did not allow myself to be sucked in. However, this past year I have been partial to a skort, which surely is just an up to date reincarnation of this trend.

2. Botox/fillers
Never say never and I’m probably at the point where I don’t really need to worry about them too much just yet, but the thought of someone putting a needle in those most sensitive areas makes me feel more than a little squicky. I guess if I ever did decide to get botox done, professionals like Dr. Azizi would be a specialist worth having, as he is qualified to do the job and you can rest assure to know that you’ll be getting positive results after the treatment.

3. Those trousers with all the dangly bits on them
Although I was a bona fide lover of skater pants and hoodies during the reign of Avril Lavigne and Addidas trousers during the Spice Girls years, I never liked the “dancer” pants which had all the dangly bits on them. Even worse when the lads at school competed to have the largest chain with their wallet on the end attached to them.

3. The tiny eyebrow
In about Year 7, plucking your eyebrows really was all the rage. The smaller and skinnier the better with a round bulb – much like a tadpole. Although I plucked at the strays, I never ventured into the body of the brow for fear of becoming a baldibrows. And now look, bold brows are back in – how the times have changed.

4. Nipple tattooing
Ok, so this is a bit of a weird one. I obviously agree with areola tattooing for breast cancer victims or anyone else that needs it and I think the pioneers of that treatment are doing amazing things for those women. I’m talking about the huge heart-shaped nipples that have appeared in recent years – wrong on so many levels.What trends have you been glad to steer clear of over the years? Let me know below!

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