5 Things You Don’t Care About in Your Late 20s

Late 20s

I feel like when you get a little bit older, you start to really not care about what other people think and start to do exactly what makes you happy. You get a lot less self-conscious and you’re kind of at a better place in your career and family life. So now I’m in my late 20s (almost at the big 3-0!) here’s some things I just don’t care about any more…

1. Wearing a bra
Remember the days when if you had a backless top it was like a military operation to find the right underwear? I would never have thought to go bra-less as I was way too self-conscious about my body. I would wear strapless bras which were super uncomfortable and I spent the whole night pulling them up and I even went so far as to get a stick on bra which I was paranoid would come unstuck all night. I now just go without if I need to and I don’t think anyone has ever noticed (it looks just the same!) and even if they did I wouldn’t care.

2. Wearing make-up
Because I’ve always had really bad skin, I’ve always been really insecure about it and so I would never dream of going anywhere with none on. Now I care a lot less and I will nip to the shop or walk the dog without wearing any. Don’t get me wrong, I would never go for dinner without any on or anything crazy like that but I don’t feel the need to get completely dolled up whenever I leave the house. When I lost my mascara the other week, I even went to work without any on – and I have blonde eyelashes!

Late 20s

3. Keeping up with your friends
When you’re younger it seems like everyone’s in some sort of massive life race to do everything first – buy a house, get married, have a baby, etc. Who has the best job, the nicest car, the biggest house? Now I’m 27, I feel like I’ve stopped caring about what other people are doing and have learned to really love what I have. Yes, I might not earn as much as some of my friends or have as big a house, but I adore my life, my family and Mr P, and I never go without anything I want.

4. Keeping up with the latest trends
Ok, so this isn’t strictly true. I still follow the latest fashions and trends and love to do so but I’m very much more aware of what suits me and what doesn’t and I won’t buy something just because it’s in fashion. You definitely become more aware of your body as you get older so you know the kind of things that will look the best for your shape and size.

Late 20s

5. Pleasing other people
Although you still want your family to be proud of you, you start to realise that the only person that really matters is you and you start to do things to make you happy rather than other people. I’m not saying you become super selfish or anything like that but you start to realise that you’re the only person that has to live with you 24/7 and so you need to be completely happy with yourself.

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2 Responses

  1. chelsea says:

    Great post Sam. I totally agree with all of these. I think its same with going out too, sometimes its better to have a glass of wine and a chinese than a girls night out to the nightclub. I think with age becomes content. i much prefer my twenties tbh.

    • samantha says:

      Same – and I’m kind of not dreading being 30 like a lot of people do! And I much prefer having a few glasses of prosecco to going wild in clubs until 4am (although it has been known on the odd occasion!) xx

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