5 airport outfit ideas that will never go out of fashion

Airport outfit ideas

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Summer is upon us and with the gorgeous weather also comes the opportunity for jetsetters to explore new territory, create new adventures, and look fabulous while doing it. Let’s face it, travel takes a lot of time and energy – there’s a reason for the term jetlag and so you need some easy airport outfit ideas.

It’s easy for you to remain stylish wherever you go by sticking to travelling outfits and accessories that are timeless. If you are interested in having a more relaxed time though, for when it comes to travelling then you might want to check out a company like NetJets who can help you travel in style, whilst also helping you have relaxing time getting to and from places.

Prepare for anything in a travelling jacket

No matter where your destination is located there may be a cool evening or two and possibly some rain. Prepare for the inevitable by wearing a hip and useful travel jacket. Many travellers prefer something like a softshell jacket as it is quite versatile, being neither too hot or cold. However, there are countless options to flatter all shapes and sizes of women. For me, a trench coat is a classic choice when it comes to airport outfit ideas. It makes everyone look like a fashionista, has plenty of pockets for important travel items (phone, passport, lipstick, etc.), and can be worn over any outfit.

Step up your style game with accessories

The right accessories can make even the most casual clothing look glamorous. White pearl earring studs are the ideal way to give yourself a posh look without trying too hard. Pearl studs along with the matching necklace and bracelet are always a classic that can be worn anywhere for a touch of elegance. This is great in case you visit fancy places that allow you to wear elegant attires. But white pearl earrings are definitely a timeless choice as they can also be worn with casual looks too. Pair your pearls with a blue and white striped shirt along with your favourite pair of khaki trousers for an outfit that goes from the airport to dining out without needing to change.

Striped shirt
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Keep comfy in a maxi dress

Looking great can feel like a serious challenge when you are on your third layover. Luckily maxi dresses are completely comfortable without looking shabby. They are so versatile that you can even wear them with sport shoes. Select your favourite solid colour or patterned dress and pair with a classic, and versatile, denim jacket. The end result is the perfect summer look for warm days and cool nights out on the town.

Maxi dress
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Athletic styles are always a win

You get no judgement from me for wearing leggings while travelling, but there is definitely a way to do it right without looking a mess. First, pair simple black leggings (or jeans for those of you who have a complicated relationship with leggings) with a solid coloured boyfriend tee, and casual tennis shoes (think Converse or Nikes). The ensemble also has a forgiving waistline just in case you decide to indulge in a Cinnabon (or two).

Black leggings
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The right shoe selection

There’s a lot of walking involved during most types of travelling and your feet will get tired. That’s why it is best to choose a pair of shoes that are already worn in (no blisters please) and save the new shoes for another time. Depending on your style and destination you would do well to select a pair of flats, tennis shoes or flip-flops. For a casual chic outfit that matches all shoe types select a classic blazer to keep you warm on the plane, a white logo t-shirt, and skinny jeans. The blazer is incredibly versatile and can be easily taken on/off as temperatures change.

Airport outfit ideas

Put it all together

The right components of an outfit when combined create your own individual look. Plus, what looks amazing on your friend may look silly on you because not only are our bodies different but so are our personalities, so choose a travelling jacket that matches your outfit and that you can see yourself wearing even at home. A chic and comfortable maxi dress with a denim jacket is a classic choice. Next comes the accessories, pearls upgrade a simple shirt and trousers to the next level but skip them if choosing a more athletic look. Instead, a simple pair of studs is all you need to look put together and ready to hit the gym post-flight.

Finally, consider all of your shoe options. Picking the wrong pair will have you regretting it almost immediately and, trust me, your seatmates do not want you to remove your shoes on board. Ballet flats and slip-ons have limitless style options without any discomfort while walking a lot. Tennis shoes are naturally an ideal selection because they are made for movement. Mix and match which pieces you like to create your own stylish travelling outfit that is both classic, timeless, and practical.

If you’ve got any airport outfit ideas, leave them in the comments below.

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