5 steps to a relaxing bathroom*

Bubble bath
The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house for relaxation. It is the place where you get to use your Lush bath bombs after all! In fact I’ve just had a lovely bubble bath this morning – you can’t beat a steamy hot bath while watching Riverdale on Netflix – heaven!

Because it’s such a dreamy place, your bathroom decor needs to reflect this. After reading this informative article, you may even want to go the whole hog and conduct a thorough renovation to your bathroom to make it look exactly how you’ve always dreamed. Here are five steps to get a relaxing bathroom…

1. Bubble bath

Probably the most important element in a relaxing bathroom is the bath – like the ones here. The key to a relaxing bath is a large one with plenty of space for lying in, a bath pillow to rest your head on and a wooden plank for holding your glass of wine and a book or the iPad. Add bath bomb from amorbathbombs.com or some indulgent bubble bath and forget about the world for an hour. You are also going to need your shampoo, conditioner and some soap!! We recommend Chanel No 5 Bath Soap, it smells delightful and the smell will last for at least 48 hours!

2. Candles

Turn off the lights and light some candles for better relaxation – just try not to fall asleep! My favourite candles are Yankee Candles and I always go for white and cream candles. My favourite scents include Clean Cotton, Wedding Day and Fluffy Towels.

3. Towels

Speaking of fluffy towels! Once your bath is over it’s the best feeling to get wrapped up in a great big fluffy towel. My favourite are the bath sheets from Marks and Spencer.

4. Calming colours

For a calming atmosphere it’s best to keep your bathroom painting in neutral colours. Mine is cream, white and grey and matches the rest of my apartment. Add accent colours with plaques on the wall, bathroom furniture and maybe even the toilet seat – mine has fish in it!

5. Keep it clean!

Obviously it goes without saying that you need to keep your bathroom clean, it’s really a place where germs love to congregate. There are plenty of hints and tips about bathroom cleaning available to get advice from and you could even invest in a floor steamer to make it sparkling. After all, you definitely won’t be able to relax properly if your bathroom isn’t super clean so make sure you give it a good going over at least once a week.

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  1. Garcinia Clean says:

    Keeping your bathroom clean is essential for a relaxing moment. Bubbles and candles are just accessories that will make the experience better. So make sure that you are cleaning your bathroom very well.

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