5 seaside campsites to visit in the UK

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For a relatively small country that’s best known for its capital city, the UK is home to a surprising number of beautifully natural landscapes. This is especially evident when you head to the coast. If you’re looking to take your campervan to an unforgettable destination, then keep reading to discover the five best seaside campsites that the UK has to offer.

Getting ready

Before we get into the list, it’s worth running through a few important tips to ensure that you’re ready for your next campervan adventure. You’ll want to ensure that you have a sufficient budget to stay at your chosen campsite. Fortunately, they aren’t expensive. Typical prices are around £5 per adult and £2 per child.

If you prefer to get outdoors and stay in a tent, you can rent one for as little as £2 per night. That said, certain holiday parks can cost up to £50 per night, but additional amenities and services are usually included.

Finally, you’ll need to take out suitable campervan insurance before you take to the road. Fortunately,  comparison sites like Quotezone.co.uk will let you compare campervan insurance quotes from a wide range of providers after completing one short form, so this shouldn’t take too long to sort out.

Now that everything is in order, let’s take a look at the best seaside campsites in the UK.

Bryher Campsite

Located on the Isles of Scilly, Bryher Campsite is a lush summer paradise with beautiful sandy beaches and many great amenities. Head over to Rushy Bay for a quick swim before hitting up the Fraggle Rock pub for a cold one. If you’re more of a foodie, Hell Bay Hotel has some excellent seafood on offer.

Bay View Farm

This small site in Cornwall offers a great experience for campers who want something a little more quiet and out of the way. Expect scenic views of St George’s Island and great amenities, including Wi-Fi, hot showers and some delicious fresh fish at the nearby Polperro fishing village. Be sure to check out the Black Rock resort beach cafe while you’re there. <

Burnbake Campsite

Situated in Dorset, Burnbake Campsite is a popular destination for campers in the UK. There’s an excellent trail path nearby, making it one of the best destinations for cyclists. Foodies will be spoilt for choice here, with local produce shops, an on-site cafe and the nearby Williams of Wool bakery.

There’s also some great meat at Curtis Butchers and Purbeck Ice Cream is known for the best dairy products. If you’re short on time, Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant will prepare you some delicious local cuisine. Once your stomach is satisfied, be sure to take a walk around Corfe Castle before paying a visit to the sandy beaches of Studland Bay.

Treen Farm Campsite

Aside from being walking distance away from some of Cornwall’s most scenic beaches, Treen is home to many great locations and has plenty of fun activities for all ages. Check out the on-site shop that sells fresh vegetables, meat and bread from local suppliers. Amenities such as showers, laundry, washing areas and lavatories come standard.

Slapton Sands Camping and Caravanning Club

This is another fairly popular campsite with around 115 pitches that are kept in immaculate condition year-round. Expect a gentle, relaxed atmosphere with scenic views of Start Bay. While you’re there, you can take a boat trip up the river from Dartmouth to Totnes. World-class facilities are available, including showers, laundry and a playground for the kids.

These are some excellent seaside campsites, but the UK’s coastline has much more to offer. Shell Island, Grange Farm, Cliff House Holiday Park and Hooks House Farm are some other great options worth checking out. Regardless of where you end up, rest-assured you’re set for a great time.

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