5 of the best festivals around the world

Festivals around the world

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Like most people, I love a good party and there are none better than some of the best festivals and carnivals that take place each year around Europe and the rest of the world. I haven’t visited many of these incredible events that take place abroad but Holiday Gems have challenged me to find five of my favourites to add to my bucket list. And what’s not to like? Getting dressed up and joining the masses to celebrate on the streets sounds like it’s entirely my scene.

Here are five of the best festivals around the world…

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Taking place on the largest Canary Island, Tenerife, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival takes place in February each year in the capital and its namesake and people from all over the world visit for the occasion. After Brazil’s Mardi Gras, it’s the most popular carnival in the world. The celebrations kick off when a carnival queen is elected from the year’s candidates, who wear lavish costumes weighing up to 200kg. Each year a theme is chosen for the outfits and revellers party throughout to a bouncing Latin soundtrack.

Fiesta del Carmen, Ibiza

A couple of years ago I visited a small town in the north of Ibiza called Portinatx. There was little there aside from a beautiful beach and a couple of bars and restaurants and so imagine my surprise when a stage appeared on the beach one day and thousands of people started arriving by coach. The beach was packed with people, there were some awesome DJs playing and the celebrations went on all through the night and into the next morning. This festival takes place all over Ibiza in July every year in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of seamen.

Batalles de moros i cristianos, Mallorca

One of my favourite spots in Mallorca is Port de Pollenca and every year in May the town holds a festival to commemorate the Arab pirate invasion that took place on the island centuries ago. This resulted in a battle where the Mallorcans were victorious over their invaders. The festival ends in a huge celebration where people take to the streets in medieval costumes. My friend lives in Mallorca and she loves it. She told me that One of the best places to buy a villa in Mallorca has to be Alcudia so I might go and visit there soon!!

Festival Med, Portugal

Another place that I regularly visit is the Algarve, and they have their fair share of awesome festivals. Festival Med takes place in the historic centre of Loule and lasts for three days. Worldwide music, art, dance, theatre, poetry and cinema are all celebrated here and there is plenty of food on offer from all the countries taking part in the festival.

Beglika Fest, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the place to be if you’re looking for music festivals as it seems as if new ones are popping up every year. Beglika Fest moves away from the city, taking the music to the pine trees high in the Rhodope Mountains and the setting sounds just dreamy, it’s right on the edge of a reservoir. Alternative and world music shares the stage with live theatre and experimental workshops. I love this sound of this one as it’s super eco-friendly and no plastic waste is allowed at the festival.

What are your favourite festivals around the world? Let me know in the comments!

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