5 ideas for social distancing dates

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Whether you live with your partner, are dating someone but don’t live together, or haven’t got a significant other in your life, coronavirus and lockdown has really put date night on hold.

So restaurants, bars, cinemas, cafes and art galleries are closed, and you have to stay two metres away from people you don’t live with, which really limits your date ideas. But there are plenty of dates we can have whilst adhering to government guidelines and I’ve put together this list to inspire you so that love can still blossom!

If you don’t have an other half just yet, there are still ways you can meet someone without bars and clubs being open. If you’re looking for free dating online then this is something that www.welovedates.com offers.

Here are some ideas for social distancing dates.

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1. Video drinks

Ok, ok, I know you might be getting a bit of video call fatigue by this point but this is a great date idea for night times or if the weather isn’t so good. Make sure you both get a bottle of your favourite tipple in stock and have a couple of drinks while you get to know each other. I know videos can be really awkward but if it goes well then you’ll know that there could be a future here.

As a bit of a bonding experience, you could even make cocktails together. Check out my recipes for my favourite cocktails here.

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2. Countryside walk

This is my favourite day date in real life and is perfect if the weather is good, you can get your exercise and still keep your 2m distance. If you’re unsure about the person, keep to a stroll in the park but if you’re more keen plan a long walk and you can spend a good few hours together.

If you’re based in Derbyshire check out some recommendations for walks in Derbyshire and the Peak District here.

Drive in cinema

3. Drive-in cinema

I’ve actually never been to a drive in cinema before so I’m not too sure how it works, but I’ve seen quite a few of them popping up recently. I’m thinking you can both take your own snacks and park next to each other while the film is on, keeping your distance but able to chat.


4. Outside picnic

I love a picnic so pack up your sausage rolls and head somewhere lovely when the weather is nice. You can keep the distance between you but sit near each other and chat. If you’re unsure of the person or you want to be super safe, you could both take your own picnics so that there’s no risk of contamination.

My list of the best picnic spots in the UK should give you some inspiration.

Doorstep date

5. Doorstep chats

Here’s one for if you just can’t wait to see them! If you trust the person you’re dating enough to let them know where you live, why not get them to pop round for a chat on the doorstep? This one is giving me all the Romeo and Juliet vibes – super romantic!

So there are my ideas for some social distancing dates – do you have any? Let me know in the comments!

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