Guest post: 4 undercover clothing brands to discover

There are thousands and thousands of clothing brands released every year and the big brands tend to wrestle off their competitors. However, in a day and age where corporate clothing companies are dominating, it’s time to discover hidden gems, which cater to your style rather than thousands of people. It’s time to look and feel individualistic, rather than buying the latest skirt from Topshop, or River Island. We have come up with four undercover clothing brands that you should discover.

GFN Clothing

Many are becoming increasingly aware of the brand and GFN have continued to go from strength to strength. The style is smart/casual and they originally specialised in men’s tracksuits. Once they began to get more popular by, GFN delved into ladies’ clothing, which was hugely successful, becoming a symbol for casual or sports clothing. The brand was established in an attempt to prove to people that they should be happy with who they are with the butterfly symbol representing new beginnings. With a host of sentimental value and some vibrant collections GFN, or Good For Nothing Clothing may be exactly what you’re looking for.

BLVCK Clothing 

BLVCK Clothing are a little different to the likes of GFN Clothing, as they are entirely simplistic, as well as including relevant trending items into their collections each and every year. They are proud to offer a complete range of fashionable clothing that is available to everyone. If street fashion is something that you’re interested in, then you will most definitely want to consider BLVCK Clothing.

One Nation Clothing

One Nation Clothing was a brand founded by two best friends. They wanted clothing for women, with trend led attitude, but with the affordable factor. The aim was to create something women would feel good in and also help spread positive vibes to everyone. Since their start in 2013, the idea of freedom and creativity inspired them to create a clothing brand that was special and different to the rest. The brand is still controlled by them and they’ve seen the brand go from strength to strength.

Girl In Mind

Like thousands of clothing brands who are inspired by current trends, Girl In Mind are inspired by something a little different. They use catwalks and celebrities in order to produce an aesthetically beautiful and inch perfect clothing brand. Whether the look is bold, printed or embellished, Girl In Mind will catch the eye of everyone. Look and feel glamorous with their beautifully crafted and stylish clothing range.

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