3 lockdown digital marketing tips for travel businesses

Digital marketing tips for travel businesses

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Times are tough for travel businesses – with lockdowns, travel bans and quarantines, it’s hard to see a few weeks in the future, never mind predicting what next year’s going to look like financially.

There’s no magic wand but one relatively inexpensive way smaller players in the travel market might improve their chances of weathering the storm is by using digital marketing where, if you spend wisely, you can achieve excellent results on a limited budget.

And while this isn’t a time where many people will be booking holidays, there’s work to be done to ensure that you’re first and foremost in people’s minds when things change for the better.

With that in mind, here are three lockdown digital marketing tips for travel businesses.

1. Go local with content

Granted, even domestic travel is tricky at the moment, but it’s still more likely that restrictions will lift on local travel before they do on large-scale international travel. This means that it’s a great time to localise your website, blog and social content with information on staycations, short excursions and superb outdoor activities within cities, towns and villages. Struggling to start? Look at this article on Scottish staycations from Visit Scotland. By injecting more local content into your offering, you’ll also build up a brilliant reputation in your own community and earning allies during a difficult time does no harm.

2. Community collaborations

This is also a wonderful time to embark on some community collaborations with local businesses, public sector organisations and charities. For instance, perhaps you could co-host a virtual cooking competition with a local takeaway, offering a joint prize of a family feast and voucher for a getaway in 2021? Alternatively, you could set up a support group for local SMEs and entrepreneurs where you share supportive tips and opportunities, or diversify a little by working with your local authority to offer some online entrepreneurial coaching for fellow businesspeople who are struggling. By doing the right thing and building up your personal branding, you’ll be the name on customers’ lips once some sort of normality returns.

3. SEO

It’s natural that you’ll have to economise on some of your marketing spend during these difficult times but there are many reasons that you should maintain an investment in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For starters, when it comes to search results, many potential csutomers trust organic results more than paid ads, therefore in this context, SEO might provide more value than PPC. Additionally, SEO is a long game that requires constant tweaks in order for you to stay at the top of the tree, so give up on it during a tough time and once things pick up, you’ll be starting from scratch. In fact, companies who keep the faith and invest in improving their onsite and offsite SEO during this time will have an awesome competitive advantage once things settle down, because they’ll be the name at everyone’s fingertips. Sounds good? Connect with an SEO agency like Maratopia and your SEO game will stay strong.

That’s my list! Share your own digital marketing tips for travel businesses in the comments section.

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