3 summer cocktail recipes for you to try

Moonpig virtual event

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Recently I went to Moonpig’s first ever virtual event to celebrate the launch of their new app. We learned three amazing summer cocktail recipes as well as making personalised cards using the app and flower arranging.

James from Mix and Twist, a mobile bar company, hosted the cocktail masterclass. I really enjoyed the cocktails (I’ve even made them a couple of times since!) so I thought I’d share these summer cocktail recipes with you as they are absolutely perfect for drinking in the sunshine.

Summer cocktail recipesSummer cocktail recipes

Gin Garden

Add 45ml gin, 25ml lime juice and 25ml sugar syrup to a glass.
Add several fresh mint leaves, squeezing as you add them.
Chop cucumber into small chunks and then squash them gently with the end of the cocktail spoon.
Fill the glass to three quarters full with ice.
Top up with soda water and stir.

Elderflower collins

Elderflower Collins

Add 45ml gin, 25ml lemon juice and 25ml sugar syrup to a cocktail shaker.
Fill the cocktail shaker with ice.
Shake for around 30 seconds and pour into the glass.
Top up with elderflower soda.

Strawberry gimlet

Strawberry Gimlet

Muddle 3-4 strawberries in the cocktail shaker.
Add 45ml gin, 25ml lime, 25ml sugar syrup and 25ml cranberry juice.
Shake and strain.

Cocktail masterclass
Alongside the cocktail making class we also did a card making masterclass and a flower arranging class. Moonpig have recently launched a new app, making it even easier to order cards online. It has all sorts of cool features on it, like reminders for when it’s someone’s birthday and you can even take a photo of your message and upload it to the card. This is perfect at the moment, for a special occasion, just to let someone know you’re thinking about them, while you can’t see them.

Fresh flowers
I didn’t know this up until a couple of weeks ago but Moonpig.com also has fresh flowers available for delivery and you can order these at the same time as you order your cards.

I found the flower arranging super interesting as I’ve never really learned anything to do with flowers before. I learned to criss cross the stems over in the vase at first, creating a space in the middle for the feature flowers, and that you should remove any leaves that will soak in the water as this keeps the water fresher for longer, helping with the life of the flowers.

As well as flowers, Moonpig also offers online gifts like the gin that I used in these cocktails (it’s delicious!). Other spirits are also available – perfect for summer drinks. Moonpig is really a one-stop shop for special occasions and treating someone you care about.

I wore this Beverley Hills tee from Femmeluxe’s t-shirt collection for the event. This was gifted to me from Femmeluxe and will be perfect for my trip to LA in October (fingers crossed!).

I’ve been really enjoying these virtual events, and I have to say that this one is one of the best that I’ve been on. It was so much fun, there were lots of new things to try and, of course, it involved summer cocktails!

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