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Thanks to Orianna’s Oracle who has tagged me in the 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Me – The Travel Tag. As you’ll know by now, I absolutely love travelling and so this won’t be a difficult one to write PLUS I’m all over an excuse to share my holiday snaps with you all! So here goes…

Do you prefer a beach or city holiday?

I couldn’t possibly say – I love them both for different reasons! I love a relaxing beach break with cocktails on tap, a great book and the blazing sun in the summer time but I equally love exploring a city I’ve never been to before – I just have the travel bug. My next holiday is to Dubai with the girls in October so I think that’ll be a combination of the two, something which I haven’t really experienced before. It’s safe to say I’m super excited!

Magaluf Holiday

What are your holiday make-up must haves?

I like to keep it minimal on holiday as, if it’s hot, a face full of sweaty make-up is not a good look. I always get my eyelashes tinted before I travel as they’re blonde plus Shellac on my nails and toes as I don’t want to waste time painting my nails every day plus I don’t want mascara running down my face in the pool!

Hand luggage or suitcase?

Surprisingly, I’m quite a practical packer so I can really reduce my luggage when needs be. Mr P and I usually share one big case if we’re just going away for a week – that way he can lift it!

Where is your favourite place in your home town?

I’m from a small town in Derbyshire called Matlock which is full of vintage and antique shops, a big park and not much else. My favourite place in Matlock would have to be my Mum and Dads’ house – even though Mr P and I moved out over two years ago, we’re still round there all the time getting looked after!

Have you been travelling?

I’ve definitely never been what’s traditionally considered as backpacking as I just don’t think it’s for me. I lived in Mallorca for six months and I’d love to visit most countries.

Florida Holiday

Any travel regrets?

I wish I’d done more travelling before settling down and getting a job, a house and responsibilities. I’d loved to have lived in Australia or America for a while.

Your dream destination?

Hmmm where do I start?! I literally have hundreds of countries on my To-Visit list but the main destinations are: Australia, LA, Italy and Thailand.

Where would you least like to visit?

I’ve never been bothered about visiting Canada or New Zealand (although I’ve heard countless good things about both) but if someone were to take me, I wouldn’t say no! I’m pretty much open to visiting everywhere (aside from dangerous places, obvs).

What are your carry on essentials?

A good book to make the journey go faster; lip balm, moisturiser and water to keep my skin hydrated; and a pair of socks because it’s always freezing cold on planes.

Hostel or hotel?

This is very apt! I love a luxury hotel as much as the next person but I also enjoy staying in Youth Hostels – they’re always in convenient locations and because they’re cheap you have plenty of money to spend during your trip.

Do you have something you have to do every time you go on holiday? (e.g collect a postcard)

I always buy my mum a fridge magnet to go on her fridge – she has them from all over the world!

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Here are your questions:
1. What’s the best place you’ve ever been to?
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