10 ways to make long haul flights more fun

View from the aeroplane window

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I actually happen to love flying long haul – a good few hours to chill out! – but I know that I’m in the minority and that for some people a long haul flight would really put them off visiting some amazing destinations. Here are my 10 ways to make long haul flights more fun…

1. Download your fave podcast

I am obsessed with podcasts at the moment and I could easily spend at least 10 hours listening to them! Download them to your phone before you leave, pop your headphones in and press play. My faves at the moment include BRB (travel), My Dad Wrote a Porno and Up and Vanished (true crime).

2. Pack a change of clothes

Ok, so this one doesn’t make long-haul flying more fun, but it does make you less grotty before you reach your destination. Travel in your comfies and then nip to the toilet to change into clothes more relevant to your destination an hour or so before landing. Also, pack your make-up, nail varnish and a good moisturiser and get ready at your seat.

3. See how many different drinks you can order

Try and order something different to drink every time the cabin crew come round. Just don’t drink too many alcoholic drinks, else you might not make your destination!

4. Upgrade

Champagne on arrival and lying down to sleep during the flight? Yes please! Upgrade to business class with your airline and your flight will be much more enjoyable.

5. REALLY upgrade

Business class not good enough for you? Try really flying in style in a private jet. Empty leg flights are a great value way to travel like a celebrity and are perfect for you if you’ve got extra cash to spend on your flight.

6. Plan your trip

Having these hours in front of you gives you a great opportunity to plan for this trip. Take your guidebooks and a notebook and write down everything you want to do whilst you’re there. I also love reading the in-flight magazine which always gives me great destination ideas to add to my list.

7. Watch some movies

The very best thing about long haul flights is their excellent entertainment packages – usually it’s films that were at the cinema not too long ago. I love just alternating between snoozing and watching a film while flying. If you’re travelling with someone, try to watch the same movie at the same time – you can spend at least 10 minutes counting down to start your film at exactly the same time.

8. Play plane bingo

Agree a list of a few things to watch out for before you fly – screaming baby, pilot saying “we’ve got a strong tailwind”, someone struggling with their carry-on suitcase, etc – and tick them off when you see/hear them. This is even more fun when travelling with someone else – create two different lists and see who can tick there’s off first.

9. Reserve the perfect seat

Having a more comfortable seat will make your flight (ahem) fly by so opt for an exit seat if you want extra leg room, stay away from the front of the plane if you want to avoid crying children and pick an aisle seat if you think you might be getting up and down a lot during the flight.

10. Make new friends

You might be sat next to some really interesting people on your flight – everyone will be travelling for different reasons and you might make some new buddies. Start a conversation with the person next to you, or the person that keeps queuing for the toilet at the same time as you, and this will make the time pass more quickly.

What are your top tips for surviving long haul flights? Let me know in the comments!

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