10 things you never knew about me

Ok, so I usually write product reviews, tell you about my favourite trends and update you with my latest disaster but today I thought I’d tell you a little bit more about the girl behind the beauty blog. Beauty is pretty much my favourite thing but that’s not all there is to my life so read on if you want to get to know me a little better!

1. I’m a career girl

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, you totally should – @CocoButterBlog) you’ll often see me hashtagging #CareerGirl. I am totally 100% obsessed with my career. I want to be at the top of game, I’m completely focussed and I work hard. I currently work full time in online marketing for an accommodation provider and I love it – I get to travel and spend loads of time on Twitter! After work you’ll find me working on my blog, building relationships with PRs and organising my diary. I’d love to make my blog my full time career so WATCH THIS SPACE!

2. I love animals

Since the age of three I wanted to be a vet and it was only when I got told at 16 that I wasn’t going to get good enough grades in science that I changed my mind and went into writing. I’ve always had pets from cats to rabbits to gerbils and I currently have the cutest puppy in the world! Ok, so he isn’t a puppy, he’s six, but he’s like my baby!

3. Sometimes I’m lazy when it comes to beauty

If I’m really tired, or I’ve had one too many glasses of rose, I go to bed without taking my make-up off – a HUGE beauty no-no! In the daytime, I only wear primer or tinted moisturiser, eyeliner and mascara. I skip contouring products because I’d rather have an extra ten minutes in bed. But shhh, don’t tell anyone!

4. I’m a TV addict

I love trashy TV. I always make the excuse that because my job is so taxing on my brain, I like to chill out by watching rubbish TV but the truth is – I just love it! From America’s Next Top Model to Geordie Shore to Made in Chelsea, I love all this stuff! In fact, when I went on holiday I made sure I found a way I could watch made in chelsea online from anywhere so I didn’t miss anything! My favourite channels are MTV, E! and Sky Living and I even watch the Kardashians when I’m cleaning the apartment! To make my addiction that little bit more sociable, I watch boxsets with the fiance. We’ve gone through 24, the OC and Boardwalk Empire (although I do fall asleep at pretty much every episode). We did try to get into Mad Men but although I loved the styling and the sets, I just found it boring – I think I must be the only person on the planet that did!

5. My favourite food is fish

Mmmmm! I love all seafood including prawns, mussels and most types of fish. This is kind of great as seafood and fish are really good for you – unfortunately I have a liking for chocolate and crisps as well! I even recently tried an oyster – I was at an industry conference in Ireland and had oysters with a travel blogger. I wasn’t that keen however, as the “oyster juice” ran all down my face – I don’t think there’s a dignified way to eat them!

6. I’m hardcore saving

For the last few years I’ve had to go without massive shopping splurges and pretty much count every penny as we were saving up to buy our apartment and now we’re saving for our wedding in August – so not glamorous! We have a huge list of things we want to do once we’re married!

7. I have bad skin

My skin is really bad and nothing I’ve used has worked completely. This started when I was a teenager and I’ve never seemed to grow out of it (I’m still waiting!), although it has got a lot better over the years. I have very oily skin which is prone to a large spot or two! I’ve tried prescriptions and every type of skincare imaginable but nothing has ever completely cleared it up. Higher end brands do seem to keep it more under control and my favourite is Dermalogica.

8. I’m super close with my family

My mum and dad are the very best parents a girl could wish for and I’m equally close with both of them – they’re my best friends! I see them every couple of days – I’m always popping round for lunch! My younger brother is also amazing – we are such good friends and are always teasing each other. I love my fam!

9. I’ve met loads of famous people

When I lived with my fiance in Mallorca, he DJ’d at the biggest club there – BCM. This pretty much gave me an access all areas pass to all the guests who appeared there. I’ve met my favourite DJ Calvin Harris twice and even sipped on Grey Goose with Afrojack – I’m a baller!

10. I’m never ill

(Touch wood) I’ve never broken a bone and the last time I was properly poorly (and had a day off work) was at least four years ago. I get the odd sniffle and headache after a busy day but I haven’t found myself resigned to my bed for ages, which is pretty surprising considering how unhealthy my lifestyle is!

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