10 things you miss when you’re away from home

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I rarely miss anything when I’m away from home as I’m usually only away for short trips, two weeks max. However, I’m planning a trip to Australia in January (have I mentioned this yet?!) and I’ll be away for three weeks which is the longest I’ve spent away from home for ages and it got me thinking – what will I miss while I’m away?

1. Friends and family

Obviously this is the biggest one! Hopefully you’re lucky enough to travel with at least some of your family and friends but you definitely miss the ones that are at home. My BFF is currently away on holiday, she’s only gone for a week but I’m missing her already!

2. Sleeping in your own bed

I’ve heard this from so many people and I must admit I really struggle sleeping in a different bed when I’m away from home, especially if I’m travelling alone. There’s nothing like getting into your own bed, especially when it’s clean sheets day (aka the best day of the week).

3. Having your own space

If you’re travelling with other people, you tend to spend 24/7 with them for the whole time you’re on holiday. Although I love everyone that I go on holiday with, I also love having my own space and catching up on me-time so whenever I get back from holiday I’m ready to just chill by myself for an afternoon.

4. Home cooked food

If you’ve got someone at home that’s good at cooking, you definitely miss their dinners. My mum is the best cook I know and when I was living in Mallorca, I really missed her Sunday dinners. Yum!

5. Your daily routine

I don’t know if I’ll ever miss this! But constant sightseeing and and exploring may get old eventually (really though?!). You may not miss setting the alarm for 6.30am for work but you might miss the evening dog walk and settling down to your fave TV programmes before an early night.

6. Photos and art from home

I love looking at the art and photos that I have in my home and I would miss some of them if I was away for a while. If you’re planning on being abroad for a long time it may be worth getting some of your things shipped out to you.

7. Your local pub

Ok, maybe not even your local pub but just familiar places you’re used to going all the time. It might be your favourite brunch that you can’t wait to have when you get back, or even somewhere you just enjoy going walking.

8. A good shower

I don’t know about you but on holiday I never feel as if I’ve got really clean, especially when I’ve been rushing round London and on the sweaty tube all day! I really look forward to having a lovely hot shower when I get home and using all my favourite products.

9. Sky plus

This one is pretty lame but I miss my favorite programmes when I’m away! I’m a sucker for some trash TV and at the moment I’m obsessed with Love Island. Luckily we’ve got no more long trips planned this summer, so we’ll be able to keep up to date with it!

10. Your dog

Of course this is one of the biggest ones for me. If we’re not on a dog-friendly holiday then I really miss Alfie! We usually buy him a present to make up for the time we’ve been away!

What do you miss most when you’re away from home? Let me know in the comments!

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4 Responses

  1. Kara Aragon says:

    I definitely miss my 9 fur-kid-o’s the most! BUT on the plus side, no matter how much fun I’m having on vacation, no matter how much I’ve fallen in love with a new place, I’m NEVER sad to leave because I know I’m going home to my babes.

    • Samantha Wragg says:

      Nine?! Wow that’s a lot – are they all dogs? I’m always really excited to see Alfie when I get back!

  2. Robert says:

    Hi, like you I can honestly say I don’t miss anything on short trips, but I’ve worked overseas over the last thirty years, and yes, the biggest thing I missed is my family and friends. Not being able to be with wife and kids for 6 weeks sounds like a bonus but it’s not, and the interaction you get by email or telephone with work colleagues and friends is not the same as being in their company. Worse was when two of my friends passed away during different work trips and I couldn’t get back for their funerals. Work related travel is certainly not as glamourous as it may sound. If it wasn’t for that, I would stay away permanently!

    • Samantha Wragg says:

      Hi Robert, that’s so true – I would definitely miss my family and friends on long trips, especially if you’re missing out on things that are happening at home. Really sorry to hear about your friends and here’s to lots more trips!

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