10 things I love about Christmas

Ok, so this is my first Christmas post of the year and I literally could not wait to start writing it. Christmas is my very favourite time of the year so right now I’m more excited than a kid at Christmas (ahem). It seems like Christmas has come earlier this year – my Facebook timeline is full of people who have already out their trees up and the shops have had their Christmas wares displayed since, oh, September. So here are 10 (I had to narrow it down else this post could have gone on forever) things that I love about the big day.

1. The food

Oh my goodness, the food. The turkey and trimmings, party tea and nibbles, and the chocolate coins. I do love my food. We got into the Christmas spirit at the weekend by having a party tea for my dad’s birthday. My mum and I baked sausage rolls and butterfly buns and put cheese and pineapples on sticks. When you’re nibbling, it barely feels like you’re eating any calories!

2. The anticipation of snow

It did once snow on Christmas Day a few years ago, just a few flakes but it felt really delightful and magical. Every year I keep my fingers crossed for a white Christmas and we eat our dinner in our dining room looking out the patio doors and keeping a close eye on the weather. It’s even better when it’s really cold outside and we’re keeping warm inside.

3. The films

I’ve already started watching Christmas films this year, even though Mr P likes to try and make me wait until 1st December – no chance! I have to warm him up to the idea with a little bit of Love Actually before I work up to the full-on Xmas classics. Channel 5 seems to be the best venue for these artistic masterpieces and I watched two American cheesefests this weekend – A Boyfriend for Christmas and The Christmas Secrets. As well as these, I also love the more popular and conventional movies – Muppets Christmas Carol, Home Alone and Miracle on 34th Street are my faves.

4. The music

I’ve been driving my colleagues at work insane as I hum and sing away all the classic Christmas tunes at my desk. I like how certain songs are associated with amazing memories and that’s why I love them so much. My favourites are Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens, All I Want for Christmas is You by the one and only Mariah and Fairytale of New York by the Pogues (original, I know!). We have a Christmas vinyl which I love playing on Mr P’s record player and I’m hoping he invests in the Michael Buble Christmas CD on our next shopping trip.

5. Family time

I’m all about the fam and I love spending time with them all. Christmas is great because everyone spends the whole day together unwrapping presents, chowing down on our turkey and watching one of the afore mentioned Christmas films (really hope I get Frozen on BluRay from Santa!). Even my brother leaves the sanctuary of his room and Fifa to bond with his favourite people.

6. The dinners and parties

I love a good party, and never more so than at Christmas and New Year. There’s the annual girls’ dinner where we get dressed up to the nines and have a lovely meal; New Year’s Eve at my bestie’s house and, of course, the office Christmas party is always an event to remember. Last year I was tucked up in bed with a Dominoes by 11pm!

7. The feeling of happiness all around

Everyone seems so much more cheerful than usual at Christmas and I really love that. Everyone just seems to be in the christmas spirit and that’s really nice to see. Something as simple as decorating the house can make me happy. That’s how much I love this time of year.

Last year Mr P and I took Alfie for a Christmas morning walk in our new Christmas jumpers which Santa had brought. Everyone we saw said hi to us and was full of Christmas cheer instead of just walking by, ignoring each other with our heads down.

8. The excitement

Ok, so I am 20-something years old now and I probably shouldn’t feel as excited as I do about Christmas. I don’t know what it is about it but I just love it. I sometimes make myself feel sick as I get too excited and my dad used to have to sit up with me with a flannel on my head on Christmas Eve – I just couldn’t wait for the big man to get here!

9. The shopping and the sales

I love Christmas shopping for presents for everyone I care about – love that feeling of thinking how much they’re going to enjoy their gifts when they open them. Not just that, but I love choosing a new outfit for all the parties and social events – Christmas is the best time for plenty of sparkle and embellishment, not to mention super high heels (you may have to scrap this if we get a white Christmas!). And then there’s the sales shopping. You don’t even need to brave the busy shops anymore, simply set your alarm and you can get the best of all the sales online, without even having to change out of your pyjamas!

10. The drinks

My favourite drinks are champagne and prosecco. In that order. Oh, and I don’t mind a drop of bucks fizz in the morning with my breakfast (BLT or smoked salmon bagels, in case you were wondering). The good news is that at Christmas bubbles are practically on tap – yum!

What are your favourite things about the festive season? Let me know in the comments below!

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