10 Beauty Rules I Always Break

Although I’m a beauty blogger, a beauty enthusiast (I’ve read all the magazines religiously since I was old enough to buy Shout and Mizz!) and even an ex-professional beauty journalist, I don’t follow all the rules when it comes to my looks. So here are my ten confessions – everything I should do but I don’t always!

1. I don’t always take off my make-up before bed

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – I sometimes leave my make-up on when I go to bed, I even did this last night! Even though I know it’s wrong and so very bad for your skin, I just can’t help myself! The main reason is pure laziness. If I’ve been out and I don’t get home until late, if I’ve already fallen asleep watching TV on the sofa and I’m just hauling myself to bed, or if I’ve had one too many glasses of rose (it has been known)I just take out my contact lenses and lay my weary head on the pillow. I don’t cleanse, tone and moisturise, I don’t apply anti-ageing night cream, I don’t even use wipes!

2. I don’t leave my hair for days in between washes

I have really thin hair and it gets greasy pretty much by the end of the first wash day. so there is no way that I can leave it without a re-wash for days on end. I go for just the one day in between washes and even then I always use dry shampoo and if I have to go out that night, I have to wash it again.

3. I sometimes leave the guide colour on my tan

As you’ll know by now, I love to be super tanned (but not tangoed!) and sometimes my fake tan is just not dark enough. The best time to apply fake tan is at night time, before bed and then wash it off when you shower in the morning. However, I usually apply it right before I go out for optimal darkness! The only downside to this in the fake tan smell. If you’ve not washed it off, you can sometimes get a whiff of that biscuit-y smell! I always try to drown it out with my perfume!

4. I don’t drink enough water

At work I do try to keep really hydrated and always have a glass of cold water on my desk but I barely get time to take a sip some days! When I’m at home I try to drink juice and tea in the morning and try to drink regularly throughout the day but I just never tend to feel thirsty. Basically the best hydration I get is from a cup of tea! Eight glasses of water? No way!

5. I don’t always get eight hours sleep

I feel tired quite often but I don’t always get a full night’s sleep. If I’m watching a great boxset (I’ve got Prison Break and Desperate Housewives on the go at the moment!) I’d rather watch another episode than go to bed early and as I’m often away with work, I tend to be up late socialising and wake up early to get some actual work done! I also find it really difficult to lie in. My fiance works on weekends and as soon as he wakes up, I’m up and I can’t go back to sleep. Having said that, I do love me an afternoon nap and I usually get to squeeze one in on a Sunday, especially if I’m at my mum and dad’s!

6. I never use make-up brushes

You really shouldn’t touch your face. Your fingers touch everything else and are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Even the keyboard I’m typing on now is dirty and disgusting and touching your face once you’ve touched something like this is probably asking for trouble. However, I’m not a huge fan of make-up brushes. I use them for contouring, blusher and bronzer but I use my hands when I’m applying my foundation. I just find it ridiculously hard to blend with a brush and a lot easier with my hands.

7. I don’t always get my five-a-day

Again, another testament to my very unhealthy lifestyle. When I eat out, or go to my mum and dad’s, I pretty much have salad or vegetables with everything but at home I’m really naughty. It’s mainly because my fiance doesn’t like anything green so we don’t buy anything and I usually just get some fruit for the week for work.

8. I never exercise

Ok, so I’m making myself sound really bad and super lazy. I do go out walking with the dog and I’ve gone for the occasional run and swim but I don’t do anything regularly and I certainly don’t have a gym membership. I always make the excuse that I can’t afford it because I’m saving for the wedding but I’m pretty sure I can find something else to save up for after the big day is over. I’m thinking entire new wardrobe or exotic holiday, etc.

9. I don’t always moisturise after the shower

Water really dries out your skin and so you really should always moisturise after you’ve showered, especially if you’ve shaved your legs. I try to do it a lot if I’ve been on holiday and have sunkissed skin or if I’m trying to maintain my fake tan but most of the time I don’t bother. I always take my showers in the morning before work or before I go out and so if I’m rushing, I just miss it out! Sometimes I apply fake tan after the shower instead of moisturising and when I do this, I moisturise my legs, knees and elbows in order to get the best from my tan.

10. I sometimes go for weeks without shaving my legs

This one is really gross and I am totally ashamed! I do tend to maintain my legs during the summer as they’re always on show and I couldn’t bare (pardon the pun) to have spiky pins but during the winter they’re always covered up with leggings and tights so I don’t bother as much. I keep telling myself that it’s not too bad as I have blonde hair and so it’s easier to hide!

Let me know what beauty rules you break!

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