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Like most girls, at the age of about 14 I discovered make-up wipes. Due to my limited funds (just my pocket money and the £9.90 a week I used to earn in my part time cafe job) I usually purchased the two for a pound wipes from Wilkos and I guess not much has really changed. I’m still on a budget but I did manage to leave the cafe job behind.
To be honest I haven’t been using make-up wipes all that much over the last few years. I’d prefer to spend my hard earned pennies on a really good cleanser and I found that sometimes the cheap wipes (Primark do their own now as well) were too harsh for my somewhat sensitive skin. However, they are a really good solution for the lazy girl and, when I’ve been falling asleep on the sofa prior to dragging myself off to bed, the last thing I want to do is a cleanse, tone and moisturise (I know how terrible this is!).
I’ve recently been trying out these Heaven Celebrity Skin Wipes* and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. The wipes are thick and large in size and really good quality as they are 100% natural organic cotton – they don’t just fall apart in your hands as some of the cheaper ones tend to do. They also smell amazing – a bit minty, a little bit sweet – even my fiancé wanted to get his hands on one once I’d opened them. 
I’d obviously heard of Heaven Skincare before but I’d yet to try out any of their gorgeous products which include the famous bee venom mask, a product I’ve heard rave reviews about.
And they do remove your make-up. Yes, that embarrassing moment when you look at your wipe and realise just how much make-up you wear does happen with these. As I travel a lot for work, these will be perfect for overnight stays where I haven’t got time to fit in my full routine or when I need to cut down on the liquids in my hand luggage. 
They’re packed full of great ingredients which means that not only are they a worthy substitute for a full cleanse, tone and moisturise but they also help your skin to look its very best:
Apple pectin – dissolves and exfoliates, deeply cleansing your skin and leaving it soft to the touch.
Honey – heals the skin.
Peppermint – balances oily areas (I really need this!) and keeps blemishes at bay.
Find out more at www.heavenskincare.com
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  1. May 23, 2016

    […] venom mask, adored by celebrities everywhere. I have tried their Divine Cream moisturiser and the Ella Jane Celebrity Skin face wipes, both of which I loved and I’ve recently been sent their Cleanse & Foam Wash and have […]

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