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I looked like the most intelligent girl on the beach as I ditched my usual chick lit holiday reads and took a copy of Hippie by Lee Martin to Skiathos with me, a book which hails itself as “a metaphysical pseudo-biography”. Yeah. I’m giving away a signed copy of this great book, so if you’re not interested in reading my review, skip straight to the competition.

#BookClub review

Hippie is half documentary, half novel through the first person voice of someone who experienced the hippie phenomenon first hand. I’m super interested in reading about popular culture/counter-culture in different eras and the music of the time which is why this book really appealed to me. It’s a delightful journey through social history including peace and love, hallucinations (are they real, or aren’t they?! We never really find out) and the meaning of life. It features drug culture, music and humour in high doses.

Hippie is about a way of life that’s completely and utterly different in every way to my own which is why I find it so fascinating.

I love the fact that it’s kind of real, as I’m really into . It’s a pseudo-memoir – a half true account of someone’s life. The descriptive detail is absolutely immense, it feels as if you are there. It’s vivid, psychadelic and colourful. The book follows the story of the main character who goes on the road leading a life without a home and mixing with new age travellers and all sorts of other weird and wonderful people.

The whole adventure really does leave you wanting more and it’s definitely one of the most interesting books I have read in a long time. If you’re looking for something to really turn your mind inside out and round the bend then this is the book for you.

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Win a signed copy of Hippie by Lee Martin

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  1. Tom Morrison says:

    Some friends I had ended up living as hippies and asked me if I’d like to join them, I declined, so would be interesting to read about the lifestyle I missed

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