What a lovely pair!

I love denim. Jeans are like my uniform, I wear them almost every day and have so many different styles in varying colours and fits. I always keep my jeans so long as they are in good condition because although they might fall out of favour they are almost guaranteed to make a comeback.

Every season we get told that skinny jeans are on their way out. Well, I am very attached to my skinnies and I don’t believe they will ever fall out of favour. Well, at least not for a good few seasons yet, fashion IS fickle, but they do seem to have staying power. I think it’s because the cut is flattering for most body shapes so long as you get the fit and colour right.

However, I have heard that skinny flares are coming back in for summer. Luckily for me, I already have three pairs which I absolutely adore.

 Top – Q jeans from Topshop
Middle – Lovestory jeans from J Brand £230
Bottom – High waisted flares from Topshop

The J Brand jeans are still available at http://www.net-a-porter.com/, or I bought mine from my favourite boutique in Sheffield, Eton on Division Street.

I love Topshop for jeans as I find they are usually a good fit. I tend to buy mine a size smaller than I usually need if they are the slightest bit baggy where they should be tight as they tend to stretch and give over time. Although the two pairs of Topshop jeans I own are from a few years ago, they often bring out the same styles just with updated features or names. This year’s are called Jessie and are available in black, indigo, blue and bleached for £42. There is even a cropped version.

I wear my flares long enough to drag on the floor (the longer the better!) with sky high wedges.

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