Ways you can save money this Christmas*

Christmas is the most expensive time of the year. Not only are there the presents to buy your loved ones but there’s also the food for the big day itself, plus all the social occasions in the festive season, before you know it you’ve spent an absolute fortune!

It’s easy to get yourself in a pickle with money around Christmas, and luckily there are loans available to help you through. More Information is available on these here, and as long as you know you’ll be able to afford the repayments in the new year they can be a real life saver. However, it is also always a good idea to check out easy ways to stay savvy with your spending over the festive season, in order to keep costs down.

Save up throughout the year

Ok, it might be a bit late for this advice now, but it’s always something to bear in mind for next year (and the year after as well)! Set a budget for what you’re comfortable spending at Christmas and then split it down into monthly amounts. It’s best to transfer this money into a different bank account, like an ISA, so that you’re not tempted to spend it. If you have more leftover one month then why not pop it in – it’s always better to have more than less!

Use voucher codes

Voucher codes can be found everywhere nowadays, and one such place is myfavouritevouchercodes.co.uk. There are over 4000 shops and restaurants listed on the website with discounts ranging from hundreds of pounds off holidays with Thomas Cook to up to 50% off the latest fashions at high street favourite New Look. Not only will you be saving money yourself by using this site but you’re also doing a good deed as 20% of the site’s profits are donated to charity. Now that’s what I call guilt-free shopping!

Budgets and lists

Keep organised during your Christmas shopping by keeping your budgets in check and compiling a detailed list of exactly what you want to buy. This will stop you overspending on impulse purchases and eliminate those extra credit card transactions.

What are your top tips for saving over Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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