Top 5 things to do when your flight is delayed*

I love everything about travelling including the getting there, but when you experience flight delays it can get pretty tedious. Here are my top five things to do in the airport when your flight is delayed…

1. Have a sit down meal

We’re often in a mad rush when we get to the airport – check in, go through airport security and grab a quick drink and some food before you queue at the gate to get on your plane. Your plane getting delayed will give you the luxury of time, so treat yourself to a sit down meal in one of the airport restaurants. Some airlines also hand out vouchers if your flight is delayed so you can put these towards it.

If you’re feeling a little flush, you should definitely check in to the airport lounge. I tried the Escape Lounge at East Midlands airport last year and it was great – lots of food and drink, plenty of space to relax and newspapers and magazines to keep you occupied while you wait to board.

2. Hit duty free

So for me, shopping can usually kill quite a few hours! If you’re on your way to your destination you probably don’t want to spend too much but if you’re on your way back, it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of any leftover currency. I love buying my family presents plus I always treat myself to some perfume.

3. Grab a nap

Especially if you’re on your way home from a party holiday (like me on my way home from Ibiza last year!), a city break or a long haul destination, you’re likely to be super tired so take this opportunity to catch up on some sleep. Just make sure you set an alarm or ask someone to wake you when it’s time to get on the plane.

4. Read a book

My life is so busy at the moment that I quite like getting on a plane, turning off my phone for a few hours and just going offline for a while. Whether it’s watching a film or catching up on a good book, it’s nice to unwind away from work and away from social media. If you’ve not brought a book with you or (more likely in my case!) you’ve finished all your books round the pool, there’s usually a bookshop in the airport so while away some time in there choosing books or magazines to read.

If you’ve got a TV subscription, some of them allow you to download TV programmes beforehand so there’s no need for free Wi-Fi to stream so make sure you’ve stocked up on plenty before you travel. In February we were delayed for a few hours on our way back from Tenerife due to snow at Manchester airport so we finished off Making a Murderer on Netflix.

Spending time in the airport

5. Relax

Yes, waiting for a delayed flight can get pretty stressful but you don’t want this experience to ruin your entire holiday so try to relax. If you’re travelling with others then try not to let the stress lead to arguments, after all – you’re not getting on that plane any quicker, no matter what you do. If you don’t need to drive when you get to the other side then treat yourself to an alcoholic drink or two – and it’s never too early as you’re (kind of) in international air space so it’s 5pm somewhere!

There’s no doubt about it, a delayed flight can be really annoying but hopefully these tips will help you stay sane while you wait to board.

If you’ve recently had a flight that was delayed for three or more hours then you may even be entitled to compensation. Flight Delay Claims 4 U can help you claim flight compensation on a no win no fee basis.

What do you do to keep yourself occupied at the airport? Let me know your top tips for beating boredom when your flight has been delayed in the comments!

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