To fur or not to fur?

I’ve always thought that I’ve known my stance on the real vs faux fur debate. I wanted to be a vet from the age of three right up to 16 when I was told that I wasn’t good enough at science and I was even a vegetarian for a while…ok, about a month but the thought was there! So I have always been totally against wearing fur. But then there’s leather – I definitely have leather bags and shoes so what’s the difference?

I’ve recently been questioning my stance on fur and looking at vintage fur coats. I don’t know why, but it kind of doesn’t seem as bad if it’s vintage, as if the morals in the past were somehow different to now, that it was somehow more acceptable or maybe there weren’t many alternatives to the real thing?
I’ve been weighing up the real vs faux and I’ve seen some lovely leopard faux fur long coats in TK Maxx. Even though my fianc√© does tend to think I’m channelling Pat Butcher when I try one on!
Anyway, I had not yet purchased my winter fur when I took a shopping trip last week. I happened past Lipsy which I don’t tend to buy anything from usually as I find it a bit too glitzy (although I have purchased twice in the past!) but I found a gorgeous fur coat in there. It’s short length, just enough to cover the top part of the body, ending at the hips and it’s a gorgeous cream colour (a nightmare if it gets dirty!) 

It wasn’t exactly cheap but at ¬£75 it’s kind of a usual price for a high street jacket. I think it’s perfect for dinner and cocktails or any evening event, when a cardigan isn’t really warm enough (especially now it’s getting really cold!) but your day time coat isn’t really special enough. It’s going to look especially good with my favourite disco pants and some heels. 
And the best thing about my new fur coat? It’s faux!
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  2. Great buy, you’ll get loads of wear out of it, as you said, can be dressed up or down and will suit any ocassion. We too lean towards faux, find out why here!

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