Tips for a stress-free road trip*

road trip
I’m obsessed with taking road trips, especially during the summer months – it’s the best way to travel and see a lot of a country. This summer I’ve visited Cornwall in a camper van and I’ve got a trip planned with my friends to York next weekend. Like all travel, travelling by car can be stressful, so here are my top tips for a stress-free road trip…

Stock up with food and drink

I’m definitely one for getting hangry so I like to make sure that I’ve got some crisps or sweets handy in the car for long drives. It’s really important to keep hydrated (all the time, not just when driving!) so bring a reusable water bottle from home – this means you can fill it up during your rest stops, saving money and making sure you’re not buying lots of disposable plastics.

Stop when you need to

Driving is tiring so make sure you take plenty of rest stops to stretch your legs and take a break from concentrating. This will help you to keep your concentration when you’re on the road and mean that you’ll be safer when driving.

Make sure your car is road-worthy

The biggest worry for me when driving is that something will go wrong with my car. All the hot and humid weather that we’ve had recently can really take its toll on your car. Before you take a trip, you need to make sure that your servicing and MOT is all up to date and ensure that your car is roadworthy by checking your oil, pumping up your tyres and checking your battery. For a reliable MOT in Wakefield rush to your nearest branch of Ossett Tyre House.

Get breakdown cover

I have never had breakdown cover before and I recently got it as I’d be doing a lot of long trips this summer. Although you have to pay a small charge per month (or you can pay for the whole year at once), it’s definitely worth it, as having your car recovered can be really costly. A few months ago, I broke down, just outside my home town. Not only was it really inconvenient, as I had to wait outside in the rain for the recovery van to get there, but it also cost quite a lot to get my car towed.

So that’s it – my top tips for taking a stress-free road trip this summer. Have you taken a road trip yet this summer? Let me know your tips for a chilled out drive in the comments.

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