The Greedy Girl’s Guide To Dieting

(Not) guaranteed to make you lose weight!

So, there is now less than a year to go until I walk down the aisle, until I become a Mrs, until I tie the knot with the man of my dreams. Yes, that’s right, there is only 349 days left (and I know because I have a wedding countdown app on my phone) until my wedding day! That is an exciting and scary thought.

It’s mainly scary because this means I have less than a year to shave off those extra pounds. Don’t worry, dear readers, I am under no illusion that I am overweight/fat/chubby and I’m not influenced by pictures of skinny models in all the magazines. I truly believe that you are beautiful no matter what your size and that it’s all about your confidence.

But, since being so comfortable with my fiance, I am a little bit heavier than I was pre-relationship. I think it happens to us all – gone are the days of crash diets before nights out, drinking and dancing til the early hours. No, I’ve officially swapped my party girl lifestyle for snacking on the sofa, calorie packed takeaways (we have Dominoes on speed dial!) and carb packed home cooked meals.

So I would love to slim down just a little to make my dream dress look even more amazing. However, there is one major problem when it comes to dieting. I love my food. Going out for dinner is my favourite hobby and I love a chocolate biscuit or four to get me through my day at work. Add to that the fact that I can’t stand exercise in pretty much any form (yes, I mean ANY) and you pretty much have the sum of my parts. I am greedy AND lazy.

That’s why I have made up my own diet which allows me to not cut out any of the food that I love. It’s a lot of tips and tricks which are tried and tested (well, only by me in the run up to holidays!) to slim you down. A lot of the tips involve cutting out unnecessary calories without compromising on taste!

1. Exercise – ok, I said I hate exercise but everyone knows that you can’t lose weight/tone up without some form of exercise and so I do the bare minimum. I do twenty sit ups and twenty lunges in the morning and before bed. I have got better with my sit ups as I now do these on the floor. I used to do them on the bed until the fiance kept mocking me and telling me it wasn’t real exercise (it so was). Also, when I’m dieting, I don’t shy away from taking the dog a walk and add a bit of distance on whenever I can.

2. I’m Sweet Enough! I ususally take two sugars in my tea. I think it’s because I don’t particularly like the taste of tea but I need it to get me going in the morning. I cut these out during diet time. If you already don’t take sugar, try cutting out the extra calories from milk. I am going to switch to green tea eventually but you know, one step at a time.

3. Butter Me Up! Ditch the butter from your bread and mayonnaise from your sandwiches. If you have real butter, switch to margarine to make this transition easier. Also, buy brown bread instead of white as this is healthier.

4. Working Lunch – buy only salad and fruit to take to work for your lunch. If you don’t take it with you, you can’t eat it! Also don’t take any money with you as then you won’t be tempted to visit the canteen/vending machine/shop. Drink plenty of water during working hours – I usually have three huge gulps every fifteen minutes. Also make sure that it’s ice cold as I read somewhere that your body burns calories by warming it up.

5. Eat Less! Leave three bites of every meal. This way you’ll be eating less and over the day will probably have saved half a meal! I find this quite easy as I have a dog who is even greedier than me and sits begging every meal time until you feed him.

6. Eating Out – Choose a fish or salad dish every time you go out as these are lower in calories. Also make sure you order diet drinks. If you’re drinking alcohol, cut this out…Just kidding! You don’t want to deny yourself everything all at once! Clear spirits are the lowest in calories so make mine a vodka and diet coke!

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  1. May 18, 2016

    […] so it’s only three weeks until I go to Ibiza and I have yet to really take on my diet (or fake diet really, for anyone who knows me). In fact, I was hormonal-ly almost crying in Tesco last night when […]

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