The Book of Everyone*

Book of Everyone
As it’s just been Christmas, the crippling fear that is not knowing what to get the person who has everything is still fresh in my mind. It’s exactly the same with birthdays and I’m not exactly good at thinking of what to get people – sometimes it’s a quick trip to Tesco for inspo (sorry to all my family and friends!). So, I’m always searching for go-to gifts that will impress.

Inside The Book of Everyone
The Book of Everyone is a great idea for the person who has everything or for someone you want to give a fun and special gift to. It celebrates the person and their birth year and is able to be customised on certain pages so you can change the background and wording to suit the person the book is for. You can even upload your own photos.

It’s all done online (well isn’t everything nowadays?!) and you can choose whether you want a digital, soft cover, hard cover or deluxe edition of The Book of Everyone. They also offer free shipping to the UK and USA mainland and so there are no hidden costs when you buy. Prices start from just £7.50 for the digital version and £19.50 for a physical copy. It’s super quick to put together and the delivery time is really quick – I ordered mine on the 21st December and it arrived in time for Christmas which I was really impressed with.

Book of Everyone - Favourite pages
Favourite pages of mine include a page that looks like a fridge where you can choose what the fridge magnets say and a page with quote blocks where you can upload your own photos. There are also nostalgic looks back at the world as it was when the person was born – for example, what song was number one and what the most popular car was which makes it especially good as a milestone birthday present.

In case you’re wondering, the person who I gave mine to loved it!

Find out more about this unique gift here.

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