Tangle Teezer hairbrushes review*

Tangle Teezer
Ever since I was little I’ve had really knotty hair which I think is because it’s quite fine. I remember my mum and dad used to brush it through and I’d be crying because it was all tangled and any amount of brushing would really hurt (did I ever mention I’ve got a really low pain threshold?!). It’s still bad now, especially after washing my hair in the shower and don’t even talk to me about running out of conditioner.

I’ve heard nothing but good things from everyone who has tried out the Tangle Teezer brushes but before I was sent them to review I did wonder if it was all hype – could they really be THAT good?

Whenever I hear about an exciting product that I have not tried before, I always head to product review sites such as https://buyersimpact.co.uk/ as I love to find out what other people have to say first. There are so many different products in the hair care market nowadays, it can be overwhelming when you try to find a product that meets your specific needs! For example, one of my friends recently read some interesting hair dryer reviews that helped her to decide which one to buy.

So, with that in mind, I’ve been using two of the brushes – the wet and dry Original Brush and the Finishing Brush (I got them both in pink – naturally!) and I can’t tell you how much they have literally changed my life – no exaggeration!
No more sitting by the mirror with my eyes watering as I tug at my knotty main trying to get in under control enough to blast it with the hair dryer. No more painfully pulling huge clumps of hair from my scalp as I drag my wide tooth comb (which is supposed to be one of the best things to use on wet hair – ouchies!) through my silver blonde lengths.

Brushing my hair wet or dry is quick and easy with the Tangle Teezer brushes and they leave it looking healthy and shiny. I also like the fact that they’re pretty compact so if you’re away a lot like me, they fit easily into your handbag or suitcase and, of course, weigh next to nothing so perfect if you’re flying with just your hand luggage.

In fact, I’ve only been using the Tangle Teezer brushes for a few days and I already can’t imagine my life without them. I’ve never had hair extensions but from the friends that have (and to be fair – most of them already use these brushes!), I know that Tangle Teezer brushes would be a god send when their hair gets tangled.

Find out more and get your own Tangle Teezer here.

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