Slip into something a little more comfortable: top 5 styles of lingerie*

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Your underwear serves many purposes. Underwear may serve a practical function but who’s to say it can’t be flattering and glamorous while also supporting your body? Worn alone or with some subtle accessories, it will leave your lover drooling as you rock up looking better than the girls off Here are my top five styles of lingerie.

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The corset

The corset’s popularity dates back to the Victorian era. During this time most women would wear whalebone corsets to alter the shape of their figures under extravagant dresses. However, during this period the tightness of corsets was taken to an extreme. Women were often unable to breathe properly. Nowadays, corsets are a lot more forgiving. They are mostly designed to sit snugly on the body. This type of underwear is decadent. It will leave you feeling confident and seductive, just like the girls on It might not be an everyday item of wear, but it’s great to bring out for special occasions when you want to impress.

plunge bra
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Plunge bras

Freya’s Bras from Knicker Locker offer this beautiful design in a range of colours. I recommend taking the plunge and trying out this alternative underwear design. The plunge bra is beautiful in and of itself. However, it also allows you to wear low cut dresses while providing full support. You may have seen these worn by adult film stars on websites similar to The low cut design means that the bra can provide a push-up effect, and nobody will even know you’re even wearing it. So go ahead, cause a stir and flash a little cleavage.


The babydoll

Invented by Sylvia Pedler in the 1940s, the babydoll is a short and lightweight nightdress. Its origins lie in working with fabric shortages during the Second World War. The placement of the waist doesn’t sit on the waist itself. It sits on the ribcage. The hem skims just below your hips. Usually, this nightwear lingerie is made of silk or chemise. It is most often found in pale, pastel colours with plenty of silk, lace, and ruffled detailing.

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The bralette has recently gained mass popularity amongst the smaller breasted of us. This style of lingerie is designed to cover but not necessarily support. It’s usually in the shape of a bra, but lacks underwiring, padding and moulded cups. They are comfortable and lightweight. The lace and satin covered elastic are extremely pretty and you’ll feel like you’re not wearing a bra at all.

nipple covers
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Nipple covers

Can nipple covers count? Regardless of whether they’re classed as a form of lingerie or an underwear accessory, these are an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe. They come in so handy when you want to wear a backless or strapless dress. Nipple covers will stop that irritating scenario where you end up spending most of your night trying to subtly pull up your less-than-secure strapless bra.

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