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African Mango
If you’ve been reading my blog recently (and if not then shame on you!), you’ll have heard me banging on about my holiday to Ibiza (just three weeks to go!) and therefore my holiday diet. The diet isn’t going amazing BUT I’ve luckily been sent some excellent aids to help me on my way. Simply Supplements have sent me a month’s supply of their African Mango supplements, the latest favourite ingredient in weight loss supplements (remember Raspberry K2s?).

African Mango is made from the seeds of the fleshy west African fruit irvingia gabonensis – I guess they called it African Mango since its real name is a bit of a mouthful – and the benefits of taking it are plentiful. Not only is it said to reduce body fat, especially around the tummy area (aka my problem area) and aid weight loss but it also reduces cholesterol to keep your heart healthy. All you need to do is take two capsules a day.

I’ve been taking African Mango for almost two weeks now and although I haven’t noticed any significant weight loss, my tummy does feel a little bit flatter. I’ve still got another two weeks to go so follow @CocoButterBlog on Twitter to keep up to date with my progress. And who knows, if I look awesome in Ibiza then I might even post some bikini pics!

Of course, there’s no substitute for a healthy diet and plenty of exercise and it is recommended that you only take African Mango as part of a balanced diet – come on, it’s not a miracle worker!

Find out more and get your African Mango supplements here. And good news! African Mango is currently on sale with 20% off, so take advantage! A 30 day supply is available at just £8.79 (usual price £10.99).

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